Gratitude and Mortality

As I reflect on this beautiful autumn, September seemed to stick around for a bit but October flew by. November, it’s your turn.

I have high expectations for this second to last month of the year. November will take me away from the Inland Northwest for a good portion of it as I rack up the frequent flier miles for both professional and family reasons. A business trip to present at the American Marketing Association’s Symposium for Higher Ed in Chicago is in the cards. Likewise, a well overdue trip to see Sid’s family in Myrtle Beach is also on the docket. Surrounding those two trips will be many other activities that will pack the next 30 days to the brink.

Oh yeah, isn’t there a turkey-related holiday this month too?

It is the month of Thanksgiving. But there is another theme of November that is just as important as gratitude.

With so much to look forward to and the tendency to plow through the days with a reckless tenacity, it is also important to remember what this month is about (besides the gratitude part…which is very important in its own right). In the Catholic Church, we journey through November remembering the dead. Sometimes November is called the “Month of Remembrance.” We pray for those who have passed and reflect on our own mortality.

The first two days of November truly kick off the “Month of Remembrance” in earnest. Today is All Saints Day, which celebrates the men and women who answered the call to universal holiness and now enjoy their reward in Heaven. Tomorrow is All Souls Day when we commemorate the faithful departed who are in Purgatory. Although we always pray for those in Purgatory, especially during November, tomorrow is the feast dedicated to all the souls who await full communion with Christ and the saints.

Whether Catholic or not, there never is a bad time to reflect on our short earthly existence and what awaits after it. During this month let’s keep that in mind while also being forever thankful. Don’t Blink.

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