What’s Up, Doc?

As today is International Carrot Day, I thought it was appropriate to say a few words about the versatile vegetable. After all, it is my second favorite veggie of all-time so how could I snub it on its special day?

I am a big fan of carrots. In fact, I enjoy carrots so much that it is the only vegetable I will eat raw. And I just don’t merely eat them raw, I will devour an entire bag if given a chance. One of my favorite diet foods, I enjoy the crunch and mild taste of a raw baby carrot.

Carrots and corn — two of the greatest!

But just because I eat a lot of raw carrots doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the cooked variety. I have no issue eating cooked carrots tossed in butter and lightly topped with brown sugar…yum! I like carrots on my salad, hibachi, and even pizza!

However, my main reason for shining the spotlight on carrots tonight is to briefly mention carrot cake. Growing up, I never turned down a slice of it. I vividly remember the Costco carrot cake with orange frosting on each piece that resembled a carrot. Some might think that a cake and vegetable don’t mix but I give it the same exception as I do for a fruit on pizza when it comes to pineapple.

Despite my fond memories of Costco carrot cake, nothing can hold a candle to my mother-in-law’s carrot cake. To put it simply, her version is perfect—fresh, moist, flavorful, and satisfying. You want to know her secret?…

Baby food!

Yes, she uses baby food carrot puree for her carrot cake and it is a game changer. Trust me, you don’t know what you are missing until you try it. Happy International Carrot Day. Don’t Blink.

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