Pre-Easter Rundown

Good evening to all. I hope you have had a blessed Holy Week thus far. Let’s get going with tonight’s five topics…

Easter Bunny Beau – The beyond cute holiday photos keep coming from Beau’s daycare. Recently they threw some bunny ears on his head and snapped this. We are definitely cherishing the images from all the festive photo shoots that Beau’s teachers are staging.

It’s Beau the Easter Bunny!

Spring Break Tradition – Last year, I wrote about a Spring Break tradition my mom instituted that I revived with Sloan. Growing up, we didn’t go on crazy trips during our week off but my mom would take each of us kids out individually for a nice lunch with her. Sloan is currently on Spring Break and yesterday we engaged in the tradition for the second consecutive year at the exact same spot—Zips’s!

Sloan eating a hamburger at the Zip’s location on Trent in Spokane Valley.

Happy 406 Day – Today is April 6 and that means Montanans are celebrating 406 Day. Although I lived in Montana for 8 years, I never had a personal phone number with the state’s only area code. But I think that is for good reason. As I mentioned in a blog post last year, I don’t think I ever fit in while living in the Big Sky State. Although I loved my time there, I lacked the toughness and resourcefulness that is innate in so many of the people who were born and raised there. Happy 406 Day to all my Montana friends!

Montana is a beautiful place. Happy 406 Day, everyone!

Easter Egg Hunt Planning – For those parents who will be taking their children to Easter egg hunts this weekend, I offer some advice. If you are able to do research ahead of time, see if the hunt(s) you plan to attend offer eggs with candy inside OR if kids simply pick up empty plastic eggs and exchange them for a bag of candy at the end. Last year, I wrote about the problematic latter model which I coined a “participation trophy” hunt. Happy hunting!

Beau hunting for empty eggs. I would have a disappointed face too.

Throwback Feature – I came across this photo of my brother and I which caused me to spend way too much time trying to figure out why we are holding up the fingers that we are. Are we each expressing a number unique to us or are we combining the digits we are holding up (14) to express something else? I simply don’t know. But I did think showing a photo of when I was still considerably taller than my brother would be cool.

Back when we were young. I don’t understand the fingers we were holding up.


Thanks for dropping in tonight. As we conclude Holy Thursday and venture into Good Friday, let’s prepare ourselves to truly celebrate Easter on Sunday. Don’t Blink.

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