The 100th Day of the Year

It is a common practice at elementary schools across the country. When the school year reaches a certain point of completion, students dress up as elderly people. Second graders will arrive to class with walkers and white hair. They will throw on old people glasses and walk with a limp. It is cuteness overload as 8-year-olds dress as centenarians to commemorate the 100th day of the school year.

Some might feel like it is a shame that we don’t follow the same practice for the 100th day of the calendar year. If we did, today your co-worker may have dyed his hair white or your barista may have been slinging coffee with a cane.

I look pretty weathered in this FaceApp photo from a few years ago. But it is appropriate for the 100th day of the year.

Yep, today is in fact the 100th day of 2023. And while we don’t dress up for the occasion like 2nd graders, I think we can still follow their lead by making a big deal out of it. I place a special emphasis on July 1, the halfway mark of our calendar year, but I think the 100th day of the calendar year also calls for reflection. When the digits extend from two to three I think it is safe to say the honeymoon phase is officially over.

How are things going for you? Did the year get off to a rough start? Have you taken your lumps? Well, here’s the good news: The first 100 days are the hardest. Re-setting after a manic holiday season and living through short days and winter weather can be tough. But you have now reached a point where it stays light out until 7:30 p.m., spring is here, and our Lord just rose from the dead. Alleluia!

The next 265 days are going to be great for you! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Perhaps we just concentrate on the next 100 days? This will take us through July 19. By that time we will be smack in the middle of summer. From now until that point, we all have a lot to look forward to. Baseball, festivals, Mother’s/Father’s Days, road races, Memorial Day, farmer’s markets, summer beers, Independence Day, sunshine, and so much more—just to name a few.

Don’t sit back and wait for all these things to roll by, though. Make sure to set goals and personally do whatever you can to enhance all the fun stuff that is on its way.

Happy 100th Day of 2023! The honeymoon might be over but the year is just now starting to heat up. Don’t Blink.

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