Back Again Thursday Rundown

The Thursday Rundown is back after a brief hiatus. Last week my WSU three-year anniversary landed on a Thursday so that bumped the rundown. Please forgive me. I did consider offering TEN topics tonight to make up for last week’s snub but that would have been just plain silly. So without further delay, here are FIVE topics…

Adding to the Tradition – Last year I wrote about a birthday tradition that I do with Sloan. Each year I throw on the green polo that I wore when Sloan was born and take a photo with her. The pose is always the same and this year was the seventh edition. If you look at the collage below, the photos go in chronological order beginning with the image in the top left.

This year I took my seventh photo with Sloan in my old green St. Pat’s polo.

Sloan’s Cake – Keeping my quasi-tradition of sharing Sloan’s birthday cake with all of you (but not literally sharing), here is what we ordered her this year. We opted to go with Walmart and they baked her this mermaid-themed cake. The aqua blue frosting matched perfectly with the party venue’s décor (more on that next week). The cake itself was a marble chocolate/vanilla combination that we paired with vanilla ice cream cups.

This was Sloan’s birthday cake that we got from Walmart.

Birthday Artwork – As I have documented on here before, my dad marked our milestones and achievements as children with colorful sketches. In fact, he still does it for us today. But that’s not all—he does it for his grandchildren too! This was Sloan’s sketch for her 6th birthday. Kudos to my dad for manipulating the “O” in “Sloan” to take on the form of the number “6.”

This was the drawing my dad did to commemorate Sloan’s 6th birthday.

Chips And Dip Day – Today we celebrate National Chips and Dip Day and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the blog post I wrote two years ago. In this particular post, I opined that family Mexican restaurants can standout from competitors by offering superior chips. I declared that “good” chips must be hot, thick, tasty, bottomless, and accompanied by a distinctive salsa. I sure can eat a lot of them!

Chips are very important at a Mexican restaurant.

Eggo Frosted Maple Pop-Tarts – As we conclude tonight, I share a find from my recent trip to our local WINCO. These Eggo maple frosted Pop-Tarts were on the shelves and provided plenty of temptation. Although I wanted to try them, I refrained from buying them…for now. They did make me think long and hard about whether they would crack my top 10 Pop-Tart flavor list.

Would you give these Eggo Pop-Tarts a try?


I apologize again that you had to go two weeks with a Thursday Rundown. Hopefully this didn’t disappoint…although I am sure it did. Have a great weekend, everyone! Don’t Blink.

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