Hoodie Blanket Thursday Rundown

So it’s Thursday again, huh? Well I guess that is a good thing because I have five topics ready to go. Thanks for joining me tonight and let’s get underway.

Honoring Dad – During my dad’s retirement party last week, I had the chance to deliver a five-minute speech in his honor. I always tell people that I am not a natural public speaker but I still seized the opportunity because my dad deserved it. The finale of my remarks is available if you want to watch it here. You might become distracted by a couple of young cousins fooling around up front.

A screenshot from video of me delivering a speech in honor of my dad at his retirement party.

Will Probably Pass – Right out of the bag isn’t the only way I like potato chips. I love layering a deli sandwich with a bed of potato chips…the taste and crunch are always excellent! However, I don’t think I would go as far as potato chips mixed in my Reese’s peanut butter cup. I saw the below product at Walmart a couple weeks ago and had to take a photo so I could include it in a future Thursday Rundown. The idea of slivers of potato chips, most likely stale, embedded in the peanut butter just doesn’t appeal to me. To be honest, I don’t know if I would even try one for free. Thank you, next.

I spotted these at my local Walmart. No thanks.

Barbara Walters – Wanted to recognize Barbara Walters. Because of the nerd that I am, I spent many Friday nights between the ages of 11-14 watching “20/20.” The program would come on at 10 p.m. with Walters and Hugh Downs at the anchor desk. I think I felt a sense of sophistication staying up late and watching an “adult” show. It definitely planted the news magazine bug inside of me. Long after my youthful “20/20” days I still enjoyed watching the work of Barbara Walters and always knew if she was covering something it must be a big deal.

May eternal rest be grant unto Barbara Walters.

Wear A Blanket – If there is one Christmas gift I am envious of, it is the blanket hoodies our kids scored. Supposedly Santa outsourced them from Costco at a pretty reasonable price. I become comfortable just sitting next to my children when they have them on…I can’t imagine the bliss of actually wearing one. For a blanket-obsessed family, this present was perfect.

These are the hoodie blankets that Sloan and Beau are now sporting.

That Must Be Uncomfortable – I think Spider-Man and the stuffed unicorn have a better idea of how to sleep properly in a bed. Several nights ago, I went to check on Beau and saw him sleeping horizontally. It didn’t bother me too much because at least he was still sleeping in his own bed—we have struggled lately with him coming into our bed. I still made the effort to turn him around so he was resting vertical and his head was actually on the pillow.

A weird position if I do say so myself.


That will wrap things up for this evening. If you have a three-day weekend coming up, I hope you enjoy it. Don’t Blink.

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