Preparing to Speak

The beginning of college for many is characterized by a couple of painful, yet necessary, experiences. The first is wisdom teeth removal. The second is enrollment in a specific course…

If you ever have the desire to enter a space that is filled with anxiety and lowkey fear, sign up for a college introductory public speaking class. There is nothing like being a freshman surrounded by other equally-terrified students as a grad assistant outlines the expectation that you will deliver four speeches throughout the semester.

Public speaking class, even for us communication majors, is not something most students look forward to. It isn’t something that is particularly enjoyed while it is in session nor is it something that is missed once it is over.

But is it valuable? Absolutely.

I have mentioned before that I am not a natural public speaker. Whether I am giving a presentation for work or delivering a speech at a wedding, I need to do my fair share of preparation. For everything I soaked in from intro to public speaking about actual speech delivery, what I learned about how to prepare was most valuable.

In life, you will always have the extremely talented people who can bake a cake, ace a test, assemble a crib, or run a 5K without any preparation. The same holds true for public speaking. There are charismatic and skillful individuals who can rattle off impassioned speeches on a whim. For the rest of us, a little more thought must be given. Intro to public speaking is a course that is despised by many but can be so beneficial. The road map that was provided to deliver successful presentations and speeches is a lifelong resource that I have tapped into time and time again.

I hate it but I love it. Don’t Blink.

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