Butting Heads

On Monday, Sid received a phone call while at work. It was St. Mary calling to relay the news that Sloan had suffered a minor injury. While at PE, her class was playing a game and she collided with one of her classmates. They literally butted heads.

Sloan had a little accident at school earlier this week.

Both kindergarteners were sent to the office for ice. As both girls held packs to their wounds, Sloan with a noticeable bump on the left part of her forehead, the calls were made to parents. As this occurred, Sloan and her classmate chalked up the incident as an accident and held no ill-will toward each other.

Later that night, Sloan would basically sum up the same thing for me. After she proudly showed me her battle wound, she imparted her wisdom on me.

“We cried for a little bit but we weren’t mad because it was just an accident.”

Perhaps you have butted heads with someone in a more figurative sense recently. Or, maybe you have butted heads with an individual long ago or it has been a sustained butting of heads over the course of a long period of time. Whatever the case, wouldn’t it be great to amicably address it? Wouldn’t it be nice to use the beginning of 2023 to clear the air?

Sometimes using the example of kindergarteners just makes sense. What happened has happened. The crying/arguing stage has run its course. Now it’s time to move on. Reach out to someone during this first month of the year and make things right. Don’t Blink.

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