Blind Date

I am not crazy about reality TV. With the exception of “Big Brother,” most of what I begrudgingly see is whatever Sidney might be watching on a given night.

I especially avoid the romance shows. Although I interviewed a “Bachelorette” contestant nine years ago, I am not a fan of that franchise or other shows such as “Love Island,” “90 Day Fiance,” “Love Is Blind,” “Married at First Sight,” and so on and so on and so on…

I interviewed Bryden Vukasin from “The Bachelorette” during the summer of 2013.

My thought is that these programs are 90% scripted and cheapen relationships, especially marriage. Many are brutal to watch, just complete train wrecks. Cringeworthy to the max. With all that said, there is one reality TV/romance show that I kind of like…

I have almost made it through all 45 episodes of the modern iteration of “Blind Date” available on Hulu. It is an update of the original series that ran in the early 2000s that, yes, I watched as well. The newer version is made for modern times in a digital world.

I enjoy watching “Blind Date.”

Sidney has woken up more than once in the wee hours of the morning to me watching “Blind Date.” It has become a little addicting. The concept is simple. Each episode is cut into two halves, with each half following two people on a blind date. The formula is down to a science: the matched couple will do some type of activity (more on this in one moment), move on to dinner/drinks, and then usually take a dip in a pool.

What is the appeal for me? It is just so raw. There is editing in the sense that there are stupid air bubbles and narrator commentary, but beyond that the daters are left to their own devices. They are brought together, the date begins, and then BOOM…

I just enjoy watching the human interaction and gamesmanship that transpires over the course of the date. Observing how people react in awkward situations is interesting to me. Dating can be so weird and unpredictable and with “Blind Date” you really get a front row seat of one of life’s most scrutinized social interactions. You can almost see the gears shifting in the minds of the daters.

Again, I like “Blind Date” because it actually encompasses the “real” of reality TV. You aren’t witnessing a glitzy production. Heck, portions of the show are actually shot with the phones of the daters. Most of the dates don’t work out and there is nothing too over-the-top that makes you say come on.

The only unbelievable part of the show is the notion that the producers are trying to offer fun date activities. I get it that they probably want to offer unique options, but at this point they are grasping for straws. Going break dancing or feeding farm animals aren’t the best/conducive ideas.

Other than that, the show is pretty entertaining. The dialogue, social miscues, strategizing, and the courage of the people on the show can be fascinating. But the absolute best part of the show? It reinforces how happy I am to be married. Don’t Blink.

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