My “P”eculiar Breakfast Choices

A memory that is brought up frequently with my cousins and siblings revolves around a trip we took to Silverwood probably 25 years ago. My late Aunt Nancy and Uncle Randy loaded us all in their RV and took us to the theme park. That evening we camped inside the vehicle on Silverwood’s campground. The next morning, we ate cookies and drank plenty of milk for breakfast. We still laugh when we reminisce about stuffing our faces with Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies.

That was definitely an unconventional breakfast. Although I have not had many more cookie morning meals in the past quarter of a century, I have commonly fell back on some other non-traditional breakfast fare. Tonight I figured I would share with you four non-traditional and Peculiar breakfast foods that I regularly eat in the early morning.

Pizza – Okay, I admit, pizza is probably the most popular “non-traditional breakfast food” in the country. In fact, at this point, it might actually be considered a legitimate breakfast food. Oh well, for the purpose of this blog post I am categorizing it as non-traditional. The “cold pizza” breakfast is Americana at its finest and I frequently indulge. Is there anything better than waking up on a Saturday morning and raiding the Friday night pizza box in the fridge? I think not. Sidney and I love to celebrate Saturday mornings by grabbing a cold slice and watching Netflix. Breakfast of champions.

Pizza for breakfast is awesome.

Pumpkin Pie – Legendary ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. is well-known for his habit of eating a piece of pumpkin pie every morning for breakfast. An unconventional choice for an unconventional man. But just in the same way that his NFL knowledge is brilliant, his decision to elevate pumpkin pie as his most important meal of the day is as well. I have taken a page out of Mel’s book during the holiday season when leftover Costco pumpkin pie is readily available in the fridge by cutting myself a piece for breakfast. After all, doesn’t pumpkin pie simply capitalize on the Pop-Tart breakfast staple combo of crust and fruit filling?

Pumpkin pie is acceptable for breakfast…just as long as it doesn’t have mold on it.

Protein – For the past three years, I have dedicated myself to a 6-week body cleanse in the fall. Part of the cleanse is a protein-packed diet. For breakfast, I eat a protein bar and a protein shake. Because I am eating less than usual and because I am not eating sweets during this time, I always look forward to my protein morning meal because the flavors of bars and shakes kind of satisfy sweet tooth.

A look at some of what I would eat. For breakfast I would have a protein bar and shake. For lunch I might have scrambled eggs or a pork chop and banana.

You mean this can actually be good for you? A look at one of my actual protein breakfast combinations.

Peanut Butter Sandwich – For many years, I would eat a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Oh, you mean peanut butter toast? NO. I mean a peanut butter sandwich. For the nearly six years I worked at CCU, I would exercise on-campus, shower, and report to my office. I would eat breakfast once I got settled and 95% of the time it would be a peanut butter sandwich.

Eating a peanut butter sandwich at work!


Although many of these options are unconventional, the silver lining is that I ate something for breakfast. No, eating cookies was probably not a good choice but chomping down a slice of pizza is probably better than beginning the day on an empty stomach. Don’t Blink.

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