Bodyguard Thursday Rundown

To all my Thanksgiving fanatics, you are just a week away from turkey and football. Until then, here is a five-item appetizer…

Views – When I make my weekly trip to Pullman, it is now dark for most of the drive and the same holds true for my return trek to Spokane. However, the glimmer of daylight I do observe from the sunrises and sunsets are pretty scenic. The below image is from yesterday’s Pullman trip. The top half is from the morning drive and the bottom is from the evening drive. These scenes always provide me with a sense of calmness as I drive in solitude.

During my Pullman commute earlier this week, the sunrise (top) on the way there and the sunset (bottom) on the drive back to Spokane were beautiful.

Turkey Bingo 2022 – Sloan, Sidney, and my dad returned to the St. Mary gym for the second consecutive year to play Turkey Bingo. I also returned for the second consecutive year in my capacity of volunteer. As I wrote a year ago, Turkey Bingo events are common fundraisers staged by Knights of Columbus councils at Catholic parishes across the country. Do you desire a relaxing and fun Sunday afternoon filled with treats, 50/50 raffles, and many chances to win your Thanksgiving dinner? If so, Turkey Bingo is your jam! Although we came away empty handed in the turkey department this year, we sure had fun. As always, I sure am proud to be a Knight!

Sloan and Sidney enjoy Turkey Bingo this past Sunday at St. Mary Catholic Parish in Spokane Valley

Costner Roles – While most of the country is watching Kevin Costner’s portrayal of John Dutton in “Yellowstone,” we opted for an earlier work of the actor’s storied career. Netflix recently made available “The Bodyguard,” a blockbuster from 1992 that cast Costner as a bodyguard who protects a music celebrity played by Whitney Houston. Sidney and I are both Costner fans and we enjoyed watching his chemistry with the late Houston. The music in the film is also on-point so you might want to give it a watch. Elsewhere on Netflix, I am currently watching “Killer Sally” and the third season of “Unsolved Mysteries.”

We enjoyed watching “The Bodyguard.”

College Gameday in Bozeman – Last year, I wrote about the heartbreak that the University of Montana suffered after ESPN pulled the rug from underneath its feet. College Gameday seemed poised to set up shop in Missoula for the Brawl of the Wild but priorities changed last minute and the show went to a Power 5 site. Well, ESPN tried to make things right this year…kind of. College Gameday is finally going to the Montana vs. Montana State rivalry game but it just so happens that the contest is in Bozeman this year. Okay, whatever. The important thing is that the game is receiving the coverage it deserves. But between you and me—as someone who has enjoyed gamedays at both UM and MSU—the Griz experience is just so much better than what the Bobcats offer. Nonetheless, I will be watching on Saturday. GO GRIZ!

I have been to Bozeman for multiple games and it just doesn’t hold a candle to the Missoula and/or Washington-Grizzly Stadium experience. This is me with my former boss Brynn after another Brawl of the Wild victory for the Griz.

Hamster Dance – This past weekend, Sloan and Beau had the chance to become acquainted with a hamster. Some neighbors in our cul-de-sac own Stormy, a friendly furball who took kindly to my two children. I hope their time with someone else’s pet provided them plenty of joy because I don’t know if we will be getting one of our own anytime soon.

Beau holds “Stormy” as the neighbor mom looks on.


That will do it for tonight. Let the countdown to Thanksgiving begin! Don’t Blink.

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