The Watcher Thursday Rundown

BOO! It is the Halloween edition of the Thursday Rundown. Prepare for five topics that are spooooooky…

Pumpkin Competition – I serve on a committee at work that stages fun social opportunities for our team. Yesterday we had a fall celebration that included a pumpkin decorating contest. The photo below shows most of the submissions. My wife actually created the string art pumpkin on the far left! We voted on our favorites and a couple of our designers received the most votes (go figure). Those submissions were Entry #2 and Entry #4. I work with some pretty creative people!

A glimpse at some of the pumpkins from yesterday’s fall celebration event.

The Watcher – I “watched” (pun intended) this seven-episode Netflix series over the past week. The fact that someone like myself, who doesn’t typically binge watch stuff, watched the entire season in just a few days should tell you my thoughts. I enjoyed the balance of spooky, eccentricity, and mystery. In my opinion, it was the perfect late October show and whenever you get a heavy dose of Shooter McGavin it can’t be a bad thing, right? It isn’t for everyone, but “The Watcher” is a thrill if you are looking for a show to watch this weekend.

I thought “The Watcher” was great. The role of “Theodora Birch” played by Noma Dumezweni is spectacular.

New Halloween Decoration – Nearly five years ago I asked an important question: Are inflatable holiday lawn decoration festive or tacky? I responded in a resounding way with FESTIVE. Now, a half decade later, I have a lawn decoration of my own. Well, technically, it belongs to Sloan and Beau. My mother-in-law sent the kids this pumpkin-clad ghost. Isn’t he cute? We needed something to spruce up our Halloween décor and this inflatable is perfect. Thanks, Gami!

Sloan and Beau with their Halloween inflatable decoration.

Fancy Coffee – Have you ever seen a coffee machine like this before? I found myself in a car dealership last weekend and advanced to the area of the building where they keep the really nice (and supposedly super expensive) espresso dispenser. I don’t drink coffee but did they have a hot chocolate option and I filled up my cup TWICE. If you ever want to install a coffee machine at your office, just Google Encore 29.

This espresso maker made a damn good cup of hot chocolate.

From Coffee to Soda… – Growing up, there was a certain shaved ice stand that we would sometimes frequent. Out of its numerous traditional flavors, it also offered an option called Tiger’s Blood. I always thought, well, what is Tiger’s Blood supposed to taste like? On Friday night, I tried a new beverage that brought up a similar question. It was dream-flavored Coca-Cola. Again, I was like, what does a dream taste like? The curiosity caused me to buy it and after drinking it I guess dreams taste like mangoes.

My bottle of Dream-flavored Coca-Cola.


Have a safe Halloween weekend, everyone. I appreciate your readership and will touch base on Monday. Don’t Blink.

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