911, What Is Your Emergency?

Yesterday, Sid barged into my office (which is really just our bedroom) with her hand clasped on her forehead and an exasperated look on her face.

What did our 2-year-old do this time? I thought…

“Beau called 911!” my wife exclaimed.

Well, okay. A bit more serious than dumping the whole box of Trix on the floor.

Beau managed to call 911 yesterday.

Pretty soon I was listening to the whole story. With Beau content in the playroom with his snack and TV show, Sid literally stepped just a few feet across the hall to run a bath. Only a couple minutes later, Beau entered the bathroom with Sid’s phone.

“Mama, my friends!”

Beau has a pretty loose interpretation of who his friends are. Sid could see that someone was in fact on the line so she grabbed her phone and said “hello,” expecting it to be her mom or my sister.

“Ma’am, this is 911. Do you have an emergency?”

The dispatcher had obviously “spoke” to Beau long enough to know that there wasn’t grave danger at the Reser residence.

My wife apologized profusely and confirmed that our house wasn’t burning down. But she wasn’t about to get off the hook that easily.

“We still have to ask you some questions, ma’am.”

The dispatcher asked Sidney for her name and the address of our house. She then asked for Beau’s name and age. Sid then had to double down that there was no emergency.

After the business was taken care of, the lady did manage to remark that she had a nice little conversation with Beau. What the heck was said during that brief moment between toddler and operator will forever be a mystery to us.

I guess we could request a transcript but since no fire engine came racing out to our cul-de-sac, we will just let this one go. Do you have a non-emergency 911 story to tell? Don’t Blink.

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