Festive or Tacky? Holiday Inflatable Lawn Decorations

So, what do you think about the holiday-themed inflatables all your neighbors seem to have in their front lawns these days? Let’s discuss it tonight!

Today’s “Blondie” comic strip addressed holiday lawn inflatables.

I hate to use another Blondie comic strip in Don’t Blink but the latest installment directly addresses this evening’s issue. For those who can’t see the above strip clearly on their device, let me briefly explain it. Dagwood is in a car with co-workers. As they drive, they pass various houses with Christmas inflatables in the yards. One by one, the co-workers describe the decorations as “tacky.” Dagwood agrees. However, when they arrive at Dagwood’s residence, the folks in the car see that he has an inflatable of a pilgrim saddled on a turkey in his yard. When they question him about this inconsistency, Dagwood responds that he agreed Christmas inflatables were tacky, not Thanksgiving inflatables (hahaha).

In my opinion, I don’t find any of the popular holiday lawn inflatables tacky. Unoriginal in some cases? Perhaps. But not tacky.

Some holiday inflatables are pretty cool, especially ones where a real life elf lives at.

I love Christmas decorations. Although we don’t have an inflatable in our yard yet, we will once again have laser lights projected onto our house. Thus, we do follow some of the Yuletide decorating trends, we just haven’t gotten around to forking over the money for a giant blow up Santa.

I appreciate the holiday inflatables because they show effort and holiday cheer. Those who purchase and install these decorations are boldly proclaiming that they are fans of the holidays. Come on, someone who is a Grinch isn’t going to waste a dime or two minutes bothering with a blown up stable of reindeer, right? When I drive down the street and I see an inflatable in someone’s yard, I think, that person is really in the Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween spirit. I like that.

Some holiday inflatables are pretty basic, others are more involved. I took this photo in front of a reindeer stable blow up in my parents’ neighborhood three years ago.

It makes me connect with the person a bit because they obviously have an affinity for these special times of the year, just like I do.

I admit, some of the inflatables do get a bit repetitive. I also concede that they are an eyesore when they are deflated. Nothing is more pathetic than a shriveled up Santa strewn across someone’s lawn. But when they are blown up to capacity in their full glory and it is in the middle of the holiday season, I have absolutely no problem with inflatables.

What is your thought on these decorations? Like them or hate them? If you are a Scrooge regarding this issue, please release your anger by commenting on this post or on my social media channels as opposed to going around your neighborhood with a sharp edge. Don’t Blink.

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