Pavillion Park Thursday Rundown

Good evening! I hope your summer week is going well and that you are surviving on a heavy diet of ice cream. Here are this week’s five topics…

Fourth of July Recap – We spent our Independence Day evening at Pavillion Park in Liberty Lake. A live band started jamming out at 7 p.m. and played all the way until the fireworks show at 10 p.m. In between that time, the kids played on the playground while Sid and I lounged in lawn chairs. The fireworks lasted just 10 minutes which was actually perfect considering it was already way past the bedtime of two children I happen to know.

The four of us take a selfie as we wait for the fireworks show to begin at Pavillion Park in Liberty Lake.

RAK – Before we went to the park, we stopped at Krispy Kreme to take advantage of their “Red, White, and Blue” promotion. The chain was giving away a free doughnut to any customer wearing the colors of the flag. Since the four of us were decked out, we couldn’t resist. However, we walked out of the store with a lot more than just four doughnuts. A young couple approached us while we were inside and asked if we wanted one of their boxes of glazed doughnuts. It turned out they were given a buy one, get one free deal but they didn’t want the burden nor calories of a second box. They asked if we wanted them and we humbly accepted. We left Krispy Kreme with 16 free doughnuts without paying a dime.

Sloan and Beau take a look at the selection at the Spokane Valley Krispy Kreme on July 4, 2022.

Upheaval – It has been exactly a week since the bombshell announcement by USC and UCLA that they are leaving the PAC-12 for the Big 10 in 2024. I have followed intently the coverage, reaction, and speculation over the past seven days, especially in relation to what it means for WSU. I think most of us can come to the conclusion that this wasn’t something we wanted to see happen and are perhaps a little nervous about where the Cougs will land conference-wise. But I don’t think incessant worrying will do much good. This is an extremely fluid situation and there will be many twists and turns. I think we just need to be supportive and hope for the best.

No matter where the Cougs land, this little guy will be cheering for them.

Let Me Reference Something… – As a New Year’s resolution, I started to cook and bake a lot more. This meme that my friend Lindsi posted could have easily featured me in the image. Over the past six months, I have made several trips to the trash can to double check bake time or ingredient quantity. I guess it is a good thing that I do reference the directions instead of just winging it?

I can totally relate to this.

Cap’n Crunch Pancakes – Sticking on the baking theme for tonight’s final topic, I made the kids Cap’n Crunch Berrytastic pancakes last weekend. My hope was that the pancakes would taste as magical as scooping a spoonful of Crunch Berry cereal into your mouth. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The pancakes tasted like regular pancakes. There was absolutely no trace of any fruity flavor which I found rather disappointing.

Cap’n Crunch Berrytastic pancakes were a disappointment.


As always, thanks for making my blog part of your browsing history. Have a terrific weekend and I will catch up with everyone on Monday. Don’t Blink.

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