Fried Chicken Honesty

Over the course of the 11-year history of this blog, I have written a lot about fast food—that is an understatement. But most of my thoughts have surrounded delicacies such as burgers, tacos, burritos, and chicken sandwiches. As I reflect on this, I realize that I have given very little of my blogging attention to another fast food staple.

Fried chicken.

Me eating fried chicken at Bojangles in Myrtle Beach

Searching through past blog posts, I have been relatively silent about the FC in KFC. To be honest, I am not too surprised. Although I like it, I am not an over-the-top fried chicken maniac. What turns me off the most? It is just too messy.

With that said, I still like it enough. My favorite fried chicken memories entail going with my parents and siblings to Spokane public parks on summer evenings for picnics. We would go to a park with a summer concert series, throw out a blanket, and eat a bucket of chicken.

When I lived in Missoula there was a legendary fried chicken restaurant called Double Front Chicken. I remember going into the café’s dark basement to eat chicken and drink beer with my friends. When I resided in the South for six years there was no shortage of fried chicken joints to test out.

But to be honest, my preference for fried chicken isn’t found in a hole-in-the-wall Montana restaurant or a South Carolina eatery that specializes in the fare. Rather, I am a big fan of going to any given grocery store and making a beeline to the deli. In my opinion, the greasy fried chicken behind the glass counter is the best (and usually the most inexpensive).

So on this National Fried Chicken Day, you have my permission to visit your local Safeway or Kroger and load up on some fried chicken. Just remember, don’t forget your sides. Don’t Blink.

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