Eating Cheap In July

Summer is in full swing, spirits are high, and perhaps nothing hits the spot better this season than a delicious cheeseburger. I thought I would take tonight’s blog post to highlight a screaming deal that is available to all of my readers living in the United States.

We are a Red Robin family…especially this July. This is Beau and Sloan outside of the Spokane Valley Red Robin on July 4, 2022.

Our family is a Red Robin family. There is just something about bottomless fries, great service (typically), and stellar burgers that we can appreciate. The four of us eat there a lot as it was even the place Sloan chose for her birthday dinner. Believe it or not, our allegiance to this national chain is even more intense this month.

Sloan loves Red Robin and even chose to have her birthday dinner there.

Alright everyone, listen to this: During July, Red Robin is offering at all of its locations a special meal deal. Through July 31, you can get a signature burger, bottomless steak fries, a bottomless soda, AND a pretzel bite appetizer…for $10!

During the month of July at Red Robin you can get a burger, fries, soda, and pretzel bites for $10.

And guess what? There is absolutely no catch. How do I know this? Because we ate there last night and it was 100% as advertised. Sid ordered the whiskey river burger and I ordered the banzai burger. We got pretzel bites, our soda glasses were constantly refilled (even when we didn’t want them to be), and the fries kept coming.

Red Robin offered exactly what was advertised.

Even without this deal we feel the value at Red Robin is superb. But in this crazy world of inflation where food has succumbed to outlandish prices and shrinkflation, the $10 meal deal is a welcome anomaly.

The pretzel bites sweeten the $10 meal deal even more.

For those families with small children who eat lightly, here is a pro tip: don’t order them something off the menu. Instead, pair the pretzel bites with some of the bottomless steak fries for a delicious and filling meal. Beau loved it!

Beau enjoyed his pretzel bites and fries.

In this current age of $12 Subway sandwiches, having the option to sit down at a restaurant and enjoy high quality food at a cheap price is something we should take advantage of. You better believe that the Reser family will be returning to Red Robin this month. Don’t Blink.

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