WinCo for the Win

I know people back east rave about places such as Wawa and Publix. I have been to both places and they are fine stores but out west we have something different. My friends, we have WinCo. Short for Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon, this grocery store is pretty special and tonight I am giving you five reasons why.

This is our local WinCo in the Spokane Valley that we visit frequently.

Cheaper Than Walmart – No joke, WinCo offers cheaper prices than the Michael Jordan of discount grocers…Walmart. Don’t believe me? Pretty much every item in WinCo is tagged with the store price and the Walmart price. Guess which one is lower? $20 will get you more at WinCo than it would get you at Walmart five years ago.

The little girl in the cart is priceless but everything else I throw in is usually really cheap.

Bulk Foods – Are you one of those people who prefers to buy in bulk? Then WinCo is your dream. Pay by the pound for everything from pistachios to pasta to peanut M&Ms. The options are endless and you will undoubtedly leave that section of the store thinking “I never thought I would see that item in a cylinder tube.”

You will be impressed by the large selection of bulk foods at WinCo.

Ready-Made Dinners – You can pick up inexpensive and delicious pre-made dinners for the family with a quick in-and-out WinCo trip. For under $8 you can choose a meal that you can just throw into the oven for 10 minutes and enjoy. The other night we tried the manicotti and garlic bread that was fabulous. You can also bring home chicken tacos, pasta alfredo dishes, and Asian entrees.

Pasta and tacos are two of the options you can choose from for ready-made dinners at WinCo.

Fried Chicken – WinCo makes some of the best fried chicken and that is saying a lot coming from someone who spent a lot of time testing different versions of it in Southern supermarket chains. Not only is WinCo fried chicken cooked to perfection but it costs less than $6 for eight pieces.

The other night we had WinCo fried chicken for dinner…cheap and delcious!

Random Bins – Around the aisles in WinCo you will find random bins filled with quirky sale items. Whether it be a bag of freezer pops for $.68 or a pack of fruit cocktails for $1.48, you will find plenty of items that you definitely don’t need but kind of want. It is an adventure every time you go.

Take a look at the bin holding the freezer pops in the corner of the photo. What a steal!


If there is a WinCo in your town but you have been hesitant to check it out, give it a try. You will appreciate its charm and affordability. Don’t Blink.

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