Apple Cup Crisp Thursday Rundown

It is that special day of the week when I present five random topics that most likely mean absolutely nothing to you. So without further ado, let’s begin tonight’s rundown…

Coke Zero Formula Change – My wife’s favorite soda is Coke Zero. Our house is always stocked with it. Sid likes it so much that when we were in Las Vegas she opted to fill our hotel fridge with the soda instead of more “adult-ish” drinks. So, you can imagine she was a bit concerned when I told her yesterday morning that Coca-Cola is tweaking the formula of Coke Zero. I will keep you posted on what Sidney thinks of the new formula once she tries it but until then you can see how Pepsi reacted to the news on social media.

Pepsi having some fun at Coke Zero’s expense.

Latest Beau Photo – Thought I would give Beau some recognition tonight. This photo was snapped moments before we left for last Saturday’s wedding. He isn’t a baby anymore as he is turning into pure little boy. He is both cuter than ever and tougher than ever to keep track of.

Beau dressed and ready for the wedding. He is growing up.

The Best Ice Cream – I make the trip down to Pullman at least once a week now to work from campus. Last Thursday we were shooting a video on a particularly hot August day. We ended the shoot at Ferdinand’s, the famous ice cream shop on campus. Everyone involved with the project was treated to ice cream and I ordered a waffle cone of Apple Cup Crisp. It once won a national competition of best ice cream flavors on college campuses and for good reason—it is unique and delicious! Apple Cup Crisp is vanilla ice cream laced with spiced apple flavorings, swirled with caramel, and packed with oatmeal cookies. It is phenomenal along with all the other Ferdinand’s flavors.

Me holding my Apple Cup Crisp ice cream cone from last Thursday.

National Potato Day – Today is National Potato Day and I can’t help but remember the day that my friend and fellow higher ed social media professional Kimberly sent me a potato in the mail. I am not kidding. She sent a literal potato to my mailbox. The novelty gift was made possible by a company called Potato Parcel that sends spuds with messages to unsuspecting Americans via the U.S. Postal Service.

I will never forget that one day I received a potato in the mail.

Reaction to Jeopardy Host – I wasn’t blown away with excitement when Mike Richards was named the permanent Jeopardy host. I had voiced my hope that Ken Jennings would get the gig but past tweets hindered his chances. Now it looks like past transgressions might get the best of Richards too. I guess I was just hoping for a bigger name to be selected as host but perhaps that is what Jeopardy wanted to avoid, opting for someone whose celebrity status wouldn’t overshadow the game. But if Richards survives his current scandal I will definitely keep an open mind as he begins his Jeopardy tenure.

Mike Richards wasn’t my first choice for permanent Jeopardy host.


Let’s pray for peace in Afghanistan and for the safety of those citizens who are now living under a hostile government. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

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