Marriage Advice After 40 Years

Sometimes short and sweet blog posts are the best. Hopefully this one will fit that bill, at least for those of us who are married.

Because of a recent blog post, many of you know that my parents recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Yesterday, August 16, was the actual date. After turning to our group chat to wish my parents a happy anniversary and thank them for the example they have set for our entire family, my mom responded in her typical humble nature with—and I am paraphrasing here—please don’t give us that much credit.

My mom gave some great advice based on her 40 years of marriage with my dad.

After I responded that she and my dad deserved every single ounce of that credit, she responded with the following (in verbatim)…

Just remember always treat your spouse with love and respect. Use kind words, no yelling, have understanding, and respect their opinions.

There is the key to 40 years right there. Good food for thought for many of us I assume, yours truly included. Don’t Blink.

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