Scoreboard Thursday Rundown

Are we already at the last Thursday in August? That means my next Thursday Rundown will be in September! I never root for the summer to end but the writing is kind of on the wall. Let’s forget about that and move on with tonight’s Thursday Rundown.

Spot the Error – On Tuesday, our family was in the Taco Bell drive-thru and came face-to-face with this sign that belonged to the business next door. It will most likely take you only a few seconds to spot the punctuation error on the sign itself (not the marquee). If you immediately recognized the unnecessary apostrophe you might feel a little bad for this bar since it has to live with this oversight while thousands of cars pass by it daily. Then again, perhaps it’s goal all along was to make the error on purpose so that it could be featured in this blog.

Can you spot the error on the Sullivan Scoreboard sign?

Pop-Tarts – Think up any obscure countdown list and chances are I have taken a crack at it in this blog. I gave my readers a real “gift” six years ago on this date when I ranked my top 10 favorite Pop-Tarts. If you are saying to yourself I didn’t even know there were 10 varieties of Pop-Tarts you need to get out more. I still eat Pop-Tarts to this day and my list is still current more than a half decade later.

Without a doubt, Confetti Cake Pop-Tarts are my favorite!

Throwback Thursday – My wife would describe this photo by saying, “we look like babies!” This picture was snapped seven years ago on this date at a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game. In the past several years we have had a couple kids, changed jobs, did some moving, and completed plenty of other “life” things. So, yeah, we have put some miles on our bodies and faces but it has all been worth it…well, except for maybe my noticeably gray hair.

This photo was taken on August 26, 2015. We look like babies!

Flattery – When you get to be my age, it is very flattering when someone asks to see your ID prior to a purchase. Unfortunately for me, it has been several years since I remember a restaurant server or bartender carding me. If I want to show my ID I have to check my own groceries at the supermarket so the store clerk is required to come over when I scan my six-pack. Back when I would actually get carded and if I went to dinner with my parents, I fondly/embarrassingly remember my dad always interjecting when I gave my ID to the server, “You want to see mine too?” The ultimate dad joke.

“Can I see your ID” is a question I am never asked anymore.

America In Color – The current series I am streaming right now is on Paramount and is called “America in Color.” Three seasons are offered and cover topics such as organized crime, the Wild Wild West, recreation, titans of industry, Hollywood, and more. The series is basically compiled by old home movies that ordinary people took during the early eras of America. The filmmakers then colorize the clips to really bring them to life. I love it. There is nothing that gets me more excited than watching forgotten videos from the 1920s in brilliant color. If you like history and Americana, you must give “America in Color” a chance.

I highly recommend “America in Color.”


Enjoy your last August weekend. Count your blessings and always love life. Don’t Blink.

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