Hot Tub Time Machine

Growing up, we all know it was important to have a friend with a pool. I mean that was a no-brainer. But if you played it right, you would also have a friend who had a hot tub.

I was lucky enough to have a couple friends who had hot tubs in their backyards and memories to go with it. As kids, our skin is a little more sensitive to extreme temperatures and the toughest part of taking a dip in the hot tub was just getting in. Although it could be a little jarring submerging oneself into the hot water, it was also challenging and fun at the same time.

Then you had hot tub seating placement. The goal was to always find a place to sit with a jet. Nothing said “status” more than holding court in the corner of the hot tub with pressurized water pelting your back.

Probably my fondest memory was hanging out in the hot tub in the middle of the winter with snow falling from the sky and a white blanket covering everything in sight. The combination of the beautiful scenery mixed with the sensation of sweating when it was below freezing was always unique.

I don’t get into a hot tub much anymore and when I do it is not for very long. But during those rare times I do think back a couple decades. Just like then, I think it is still advantageous to have a friend who has a hot tub—even in adulthood—but I still prefer a pool. Don’t Blink.

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