Eating Raw Cookie Dough

It is no secret that I eat way too much cookie dough in various forms. I have documented it time and time again over the years.

That cookie dough will catch up to you after awhile.

Although cheap and sometimes stale, I have eaten many boxes of the movie theater-style chocolate covered cookie dough bites…

These are cheap and not very good, but I still really like them.

I once had Sid make me a cookie dough ice cream pie for my birthday…

Sidney made me an ice cream cookie dough pie for a birthday.

Speaking of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I infamously bought five different brands of the dessert for Sid to taste test

One of the cookie dough ice creams that Sid tasted in 2016. I encourage you to read this highly entertaining blog post!

On one especially lucky day, I indulged in deep fried cookie dough wontons delivered to me courtesy of HuHot because I won a social media promotion.

The fried cookie dough wontons were delivered to me at work by a HuHot employee.

I have scarfed down cookie dough cheesecake, topped it on froyo, and tasted many different artificial cookie dough flavors in various snacks. Perhaps craziest of all, I even pitched a business idea for a cookie dough café.

But I think I really outdid myself this past weekend when I ate cookie dough in its rawest form…literally. I did pretty much the closest thing you can do to grabbing an actual bowl of cookie dough meant for cookies and eating it by the spoonful…

I purchased this “edible” cookie dough from Rosauers on Friday night.

Thanks to Rosauers, I bought cookie dough designed to be consumed directly out of the container. Yes, in case there was any confusion on what I was supposed to do with it, the label specifically said “edible” on it.

I gave it a try on Friday night and I only made it through a few bites. Perhaps it was because I was really full from dinner but to be honest it didn’t taste that great. It was as if someone made some tasteless dough that looked like cookie dough and then sprayed it with cookie dough artificial flavoring and dumped a lot of salt on it.

Here is a better look at the texture of the Rosauers cookie dough.

Although you might call me crazy, I did give it a second shot on Saturday night. Surprisingly enough, it tasted better! In fact, I ate probably 12 bites. I think this might have been because my expectations were lowered significantly. Despite a tastier experience, I didn’t finish the container and I haven’t opened it up again.

I guess I wanted to write this blog post to point out that containers of cookie dough meant to be devoured via a spoon while watching Dateline actually exist.

However, at least in the case of what I bought from the supermarket, the recipe is yet to be perfected. Let’s hope a vaccine for the coronavirus comes before decent-tasting edible cookie dough. Don’t Blink.

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