The Alphabet Challenge


How long did it take me to type the above? Oh, about 5.917 seconds. With any luck, that is how long it will take me to write this blog post tonight as well.

You see, this latest Don’t Blink entry is less about words and more about letters. This evening we are talking about a CHALLENGE.

While watching TikTok, Sid saw a video that showed people engaging in the Alphabet Challenge (#typethealphabet). The objective is simple: type the Alphabet as fast as you can. Smart phones need not apply for this one, a keyboard is required.

The Alphabet Challenge is simple and addicting: type the alphabet as quickly as you can.

Once you have the website up, you simply start typing…as fast as you possibly can. It is almost like starting and stopping a stopwatch—you can’t just do it once. It is a little addicting and you will want to keep trying to set a new personal record.

Can you beat my time?

But don’t let yourself be your only competition. It is more a thrill to compete against someone else. Sid and I went a few rounds on Sunday and I came out the victor. Who will you challenge? Or, an even better question, can you beat me?! Don’t Blink.

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