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Now I can already hear a collective groan from my readers as I announce that I have another bright idea! My past crazy plans to get rich by thinking outside the box are usually met with either sarcasm or a notice that my “original idea” has already been thought of and implemented. Here I go putting myself out there again.

What do you all think about an eatery specializing in cookie dough? Yes, cookie dough. It would be called the Cookie Dough Café and the entire menu would consist of different types of cookie dough incorporated into various desserts.

I know you can buy tubs of cookie dough for fundraisers. I know you can purchase chocolate covered cookie dough candy. I know you can go to Dairy Queen and get a sundae with layers of cookie dough in it. But this idea of mine is completely different. I am talking about a gourmet cookie dough oasis.

My Cookie Dough Café would be very similar in layout to an ice cream parlor or fudge store. You would go inside and behind glass at the counter you would have around eight different types of cookie dough displayed in such a way that your mouth would instantly water. Think basic cookie dough flavors such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia, triple chocolate, and snickerdoodle. But then for the more adventurous tastes you would have cookie dough flavors such as cake batter, orangesicle (hit with the kids), and red velvet cake.

You could order in the most absolute basic way like at an ice cream shop in which you could select a small, medium, or large cup of cookie dough. However, my business plan would make the most “dough” (come on, you laughed at that) by selling the premium cookie dough desserts. I am talking cookie dough waffles, cookie dough sandwiches (two baked cookies in between cookie dough), cookie dough shakes, cookie dough stuffed chocolate shells, or cookie dough covered apples.

The most popular item on the menu would be the “ice cream-less cookie dough sundae.” Customers would choose the scoop of cookie dough they wanted and it would be covered with whipped cream, hot fudge, and a cherry. I have yet to decide if I want to offer the product in a cookie crust bowl.

Two things would make the Cookie Dough Café experience memorable. First, customers would be sold the second they walk in the door. The aroma of all those different types of cookie doughs swirling together would create a euphoria for the nose the second they step inside the walls. Second, the cookie dough would be quality, just like what you can remember eating when your mom would give you a spoonful of her dough before she put it into the oven. In the past I have pushed cheap, easily made crap for my ideas. Not for Cookie Dough Café.

This concept is new, creative, and enticing. Who wouldn’t want to visit a dessert place specializing in cookie dough? We all say that cookie dough is better than cookies…isn’t it about time that we actually specialize in what we all want? I think I got a winner with this one. Don’t Blink.

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