Tweaking Our Viewing Habits

When I was in that weird eight-week-type Purgatory between when I moved to Spokane and when my family joined me, I did something more than anything else: I watched movies.

My typical schedule during that 56-day stretch was pretty monotonous. I would wake up, work, eat dinner, and then watch a movie. During that period I watched approximately 40 films with my dad. It felt so strange at first. After I clocked out for the day, it felt like I had an endless evening with no responsibilities. This “freedom” allowed me to not think twice about setting aside two hours each night to sit on the couch and watch some random Netflix movie.

However, trust me, that freedom wasn’t worth the emptiness of not having your family with you. So, as you can imagine, I wasn’t heartbroken when my movie binge ended once Sidney and the kids arrived. Parents simply don’t have the luxury of devoting 120 minutes to the TV screen each night with multiple kids. Spending quality time with them, bathing them, getting them ready for bed, and then actually helping them fall asleep is a complex process that takes time. When you complete it, you often just want to go to bed.

But Sid and I have found a middle ground between throwing in the towel and watching a feature-length film. The two of us have embraced watching series on Netflix. Taking 45-55 minutes to watch a single episode aligns much more with our schedule than investing two hours in a film that you might not even like.

Looking back at the past 25 days, Sid and I would recommend the following three Netflix series selections…

Waco – This true crime series chronicles the final days of the Branch Davidians and their eccentric leader David Koresh. After pretty much watching everything possible on the Jonestown tragedy, I decided to learn more about a different cult. I liked this series because of the portrayals of Koresh and his right hand man, Steve Schneider. But what interested me the most were the negotiation tactics employed throughout the series. You learn a lot about how the FBI negotiates and how in-fighting between government agencies sometimes derails major crisis situations.

This series really gave you great insight into FBI negotiations.

Sweet Magnolias – A series completely chosen at Sidney’s discretion, I decided to watch because it takes place in South Carolina. The episodes follow three women who have been friends since childhood and features their various exploits and drama. It has a little bit of everything and is pretty lighthearted…not exactly my thing but Sid really enjoyed it.

Sidney loved this show.

Reckoning – We are currently right in the middle of this series. It is a whodunit as we are spinning our heads trying to figure out who the sadistic serial killer is in a small California town. The characters are complex, shocking, and unpredictable. Scandal is constantly present and cringe-worthy moments are abundant. I have noticed a lot of symbolism and dualism, so if that is your thing you might enjoy this series. Or, if you just fancy a good mystery, “Reckoning” might be for you also. We can’t wait to watch the next episode.

This show will entertain and thrill you.


The summer is here and we still don’t have sports, so buy some ice cream and pick a Netflix series for these long June nights. Don’t Blink.

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