Cheesy Thursday Rundown

Good evening, one and all. Hope your first week of June is going well and that your friends and families are healthy. What do you say we rattle off five more topics tonight?…

Retro Snack – Who else loved Dunkaroos as a kid? Before I developed a taste for dipping chips in salsa, I preferred dipping cookies in frosting! Dunkaroos bring back fond childhood memories so I was happy that after a long discontinuation, the snack was brought back this year. Sloan is able to enjoy the gloriousness of Dunkaroos thanks to Uncle Glen and Aunt Carrie––they bring her a package pretty much every time they see her. Now, if only I can convince her to share with me.

Sloan eating Dunkaroos. I used to love those things.

June Summer Nights – It is that time of the year when I encourage everyone to savor these summer nights. The longest days of the year take place in June and are prime opportunity for making memories and having fun. It stays light out longer in Washington than South Carolina, something that Sid and I are trying to take advantage of with Sloan. We are enjoying evening wilderness hikes, strolls through the park, and lawn games in my parents’ front yard. Just trying to soak it up.

Sloan and Beau have spent a lot of time outside with us (and gradnma) during these early June evenings.

National Cheese Day – Today has been designated National Cheese Day, something I have no qualms with celebrating. I don’t know what life would be like without dishes that depend on cheese such as pizza, nachos, and mac and cheese. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers. I live for the cheese trays you can buy at Costco. A restaurant that Sid and I adore is called the CHEESEcake Factory. But I wanted to mark National Cheese Day on Don’t Blink by revealing my favorite type of cheese. In a world full of delicious cheeses, pepper jack ranks at the top of my list.

Even parmesan cheese is worth celebrating on National Cheese Day!

Happy Anniversary – Wanted to end tonight’s rundown by extending a happy anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law. They said their vows nine years ago here in Spokane. I hope they get the chance to celebrate tonight. Congratulations, Miranda and Jay.

Miranda and Jay are celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary today.

Rocks – Remember in a recent blog post when I described “scientific” stuff I did outside? Well, one of the things I mentioned was collecting rocks. My old habit has rubbed off on Sloan. When we go on our walks around the neighborhood and in the woods, she will pick up “souvenirs” along the way. We will then ceremoniously place them in a plastic cup I have in my office. Better cool rocks than overpriced toys, right?

This is Sloan’s rock collection.


Get out and enjoy your evening, it is beautiful! Thanks for reading and I will touch base next week. Don’t Blink.

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