Hoping For a Better June

On May 1, I tweeted that it was going to be a promising month. I wrote it from a self-centered point of view, hoping for the best about events happening in my life. Yes, May turned out awesome for me. I was re-united with my family and we took numerous big steps toward building our life out west. Additionally, it was another positive and fulfilling several weeks at Washington State University.

I had high hopes for May. It delivered for me what about so many others?

But how good can a month be on a personal level when it is so horrendous on a national one?

You can’t really spin it, May 2020 was rough for the United States. Many things contributed to the ugly month but a big fat exclamation mark was added in the final week with the inexcusable death of George Floyd and the events that followed.

The month was another tough pill to swallow in what has been a forgettable 2020. In February you could find people joking on social media about how the year was already cursed. Well, it isn’t a joke anymore––the year 2020 has already brought enough sadness and gloom to last a decade. This isn’t funny.

I feel guilty that I have heralded 2020 as “The Year of the Resers” because it is more like “The Year of Catastrophe” for so many others. Although I can’t downplay the birth of my son, all the other blessings and milestones of this year seem absolutely trivial to the grim reality that millions of others are feeling.

I am praying that our country turns a corner in June. We need some breaks, we need some compassion, and we need people to wake up––myself included. Don’t Blink.

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