Anniversary Thursday Rundown

I write this Thursday Rundown in an especially optimistic tone because it just feels so good to have my family again. Their presence has positively impacted each of my days since they have arrived. But enough about that, let’s get to the five topics…

Don’t Blink Ninth Anniversary – Today my blog turns 9 years old. For the past 3,285 days, I have hosted Don’t Blink on This year’s anniversary is just a reminder that I need to continue blogging for at least another year. As I mentioned in last year’s anniversary post, maintaining a blog for a decade will be a big personal accomplishment for me. Until then, I will continue adding to the 1,815 posts I have already written.

Today is the ninth anniversary of my blog, Don’t Blink.

Trio of Great Moms – This past Sunday, I was able to snap a photo of a few terrific moms. My wife, sister, and mom are all featured in this image. It was the first time in my life that I was able to spend Mother’s Day with all three of them, a truly special occasion. I am extremely appreciative of all that these three women do.

My sister, mom, and wife on Mother’s Day 2020.

My Kids – On Tuesday night, Sloan wanted to act “like a baby” and took a spot right next to Beau who was lounging on our bed. It made for a good picture opportunity because believe it or not, it is harder than you think to get a photo of them together.

These two monkeys posed for a photo this week.

Panda Express Dinner – If you are looking for a delicious and inexpensive dinner option for a family of four, may I suggest the Panda Express $20 Family Meal? For the second time since I have moved back to Washington, we brought home this slamming deal. You receive three large entrees and two large sides. Not only do you get to mix and match but you end up having leftovers the next day as well. Tonight did not disappoint and I know Sidney was really impressed. Go ahead, give it a try.

Panda Express hit the spot tonight.

My Fortune Cookie Message – The only sketchy part about Panda Express tonight was the fortune cookie. While I might go to extreme measures in the name of a fortune cookie, I definitely don’t trust what they have to say. Even with an ego like mine, I still don’t necessarily agree with this.

Yeah….I don’t think so.


I sound like a broken record but let’s continue to pray for our doctors, nurses, scientists, and other brave personnel on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. Thanks for reading this post on such a special day for Don’t Blink. Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Brent! I look forward to each one of your posts and especially enjoyed the Retro Donuts shout-out last week! Such a nice surprise to see Sidney at Retro as well. Our region is blessed to have your beautiful family back here and I personally look forward to your next (hopefully not last) year of blogs.

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