New Wheels

When moving, we decided to leave our vehicles in Myrtle Beach. With Sidney finishing up a lease and with me driving a car with 200K miles, it made sense to start over from an automobile standpoint in Washington. We were able to use the money we saved on not transporting our cars across the country plus the sale of my car to purchase a new vehicle here in Spokane.

We opted for a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan (I said new, not brand new). Sidney saw the vehicle online and fell in love with it. A car novice myself, I had never even heard of such a vehicle until I opened up the link my wife sent me. It looked great! A mid-size SUV, it is basically similar to a Honda CRV or a Toyota RAV4. Perfect for a family of four, equipped to drive in the snow, and with under 6K miles on it, the Tiguan was an ideal choice. Oh yeah, it also met Sidney’s requirement of having heated seats!

Our 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan.

With our budget cushioned a bit by federal stimulus dollars, I went to the Spokane Volkswagen dealership a couple weeks before Sidney arrived. The test drive went well and I decided to pull the trigger.

After leaving our vehicles in Myrtle Beach, we were in the market for a new car. We settled on the Volkswagen Tiguan.

I brought the car home and my parents let me park it in their garage until Sid arrived. My wife joked with me, asking if it would be in a bow when she arrived. Well, I didn’t wrap it in a bow but I did drive it out to the airport so Sid could drive it immediately upon landing on Washington soil. Let me tell you, she loved every minute of that car ride home.

Sid and Sloan with their new car.

It is nice having a keyless ignition, a reverse monitor, and a fancy sun roof, but I am just thankful that we can drive it with confidence knowing that our children are safe. Nice selection, Sid, you deserve it! Don’t Blink.

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