Looking Back On My First Week at WSU

Without a doubt, there was one question that was asked of me repeatedly during my first week of work at Washington State University…

What a time to start, right?

I was greeted warmly my first day at WSU.

Although one’s first week at a new job can rarely be described as “normal,” my first five days at WSU took that notion to a whole new level.

I arrived on campus just as the dominos from the COVID-19 outbreak started to fall across the country. On Monday, I worked in Pullman. Despite the lack of students, it was an awesome first day on campus. I met my co-workers and bosses, moved into my office, and even got some work done. I was on a high and excited to return the next day.

I was all smiles my first (and only) day on campus.

Not so fast.

That Monday afternoon we received the directive to work from home starting the next day. I packed up my laptop and commuted back to Spokane, not knowing exactly when I would return. I felt bummed that I wouldn’t be working from my new beautiful campus and connecting with my co-workers in person. However, I wasn’t sweating the feasibility of working from home. A few hurricanes and numerous days taking care of a sick child had developed my skills for working from a makeshift living room office.

The four days working from home (aka my parents’ house) just weren’t smooth, they were productive. I had the opportunity to take part in numerous Zoom meetings, meet campus partners, collaborate on a couple projects, and start to build the framework for some of my specific duties. At the end of Friday, I deemed the first week a success.

I know I am really going to like WSU. I have talented people around me and job responsibilities I am passionate about. Yes, things feel different right now but I think this period of working from home will just increase my appreciation for working on a college campus once we actually get to return.

Just 25 days and counting until I get to see Sidney, Sloan, and Beau. Don’t Blink.

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