Worse Things Than Staying at Home

I am guilty of making a complaint that is pretty common these days: We can’t do anything.

We need to realize that just hanging at the house isn’t a bad thing.

With daily life pretty much at a standstill, many of our daily comforts and routines are no longer possible, or––at the very least––deeply frowned upon. You can’t eat at a restaurant or enjoy a beer at a bar. You can’t get your teeth cleaned or sit down for a haircut. You can’t go into work or exercise at the gym. You can’t escape at the movie theater or take the kids to the playground. You can’t worship at church or go to a ball game. Heck, you can’t even check out a book at the library! Needless to say, it can become a little overwhelming as the walls start to close in.

However, I am trying to think more positive. Yes, many pleasures and conveniences of life are limited right now. But if you think about it, the things that matter the most aren’t.

While many of us are isolated from the general public, we still have direct contact with our families. Whether it be hugging, chatting, or playing a board game with our loved ones, we are able to ride out these difficult times with those who mean the most to us.

Even the “little things” still available to us aren’t so bad…

There is no ban on praying or meditating. You can still sing and write. No one is stopping us from penning a letter or Facetiming a friend. No restrictions are in place to cease movie marathons or Netflix binge watching. Home improvement projects and yard work tasks are calling our names. How about pulling out the home videos, the photo albums, and scrapbooks?

If people weren’t getting sick and dying because of this pandemic, you could almost say that this “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order we are under in Washington is a blessing. There is something to be said about a meaningful cleanse from the outside world.

Let us continue to pray and do our respective parts to flatten the curve. Remember, it is not a matter of if but when. There will be a time when this will be a distant memory.

Tonight I remember Kobe Bryant when I respectfully say that 24 days remain until I am reunited with Sid, Sloan, and Beau. Don’t Blink.

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