A Small Dose of Normal: My Thursday Rundown

During this uneasy time, people are craving any type of normalcy. In my quest to provide some routine, I want to make sure to provide my weekly Thursday Rundown. Let’s get started with today’s five topics…

Sloan’s First Haircut – Yesterday, Sidney took Sloan to get her ears lowered for the first time. Sloan sat in a police car seat and enjoyed a sucker as her hair was trimmed. Sid said that both the customer and the stylist did a great job.

Sloan got her first haircut yesterday.

Newborn Photos – We were blessed that Judy Johns, CCU’s top photographer and my good friend, took Beau’s newborn photos. When she sent us the link, we were blown away by the job she did. In the future I might publish a blog post that highlights some of the very best images, but here is one to hold you over. Judy, you are an incredible talent!! Sloan and Beau…28 days until I see you!

The photos taken by Judy were amazing!

Finding a Way to Exercise – Hey Coronavirus…you can shut down the restaurants, you can shut down the bars, and you can shut down the beauty salons (how am I going to get my manicure?) but did you have to close the gyms too?! It is rough not having access to a gym but for those of us who really want to exercise, we can find a way. For me it is going to the local high school during my teleworking lunch breaks to run. After snow and below freezing temperatures greeted me upon my arrival in Washington, the work week has ushered in plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-fifties. This has made for perfect running weather as I break up my work day with laps around the track. Although I am missing the weights, I am happy that I can at least get in some cardiovascular exercise.

As gyms are closed, I have been running at the Mead High School track during my lunch breaks.

Even Worse Than Closed Gyms – I made a big deal about exercise centers being closed but the biggest pill to swallow has been the closure of churches. When that domino fell, I realized that this virus was like nothing we have ever seen before. It is one thing to not be able to increase my physical strength but when my spiritual strength is threatened that is something entirely different. Thankfully, at least in the Catholic faith, provisions are being made to let us worship from home. Masses are being streamed just not at the diocese level but at the parish level as well. And while masses might not be public, churches aren’t necessarily closed in the sense that the doors are locked. Many parishes are allowing people to come pray. Just like with exercising, there are ways to still make things work.

It is a tough pill to swallow with public masses being cancelled.

Birthday Tradition – I have an annual tradition that entails me taking a photo with Sloan on her birthday. I put on the green polo that I wore the day she was born and Sid snaps a picture of us. Of course this year’s image was taken a few days before March 17 but you get the idea. Sloan just gets prettier and I get…well…older.

Every March, I slip on the green polo I wore the day Sloan was born.


Thanks for reading tonight, everyone. Please make good choices and don’t forget about the power of prayer Don’t Blink.

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