Final Myrtle Beach Thursday Rundown

Good evening, everyone! This will be my final Thursday Rundown as a Myrtle Beach resident. Next week I hope to write a post about what this community has meant to me. But until then, let’s get right to the five random topics.

Beau Turns a Month Old – Can our son really be a month old? According to the calendar the answer is “yes” although the short month of February did expediate the milestone. Beau has lived a pretty eventful initial month and has captured all of our hearts, especially that of his sister.

Beau was born on February 5. Today he turned a month old.

Unique Pancakes – I recently took Sloan to breakfast at a place called the Famous Toastery. As a pancake fanatic, I went to the flapjack section of the menu. Something caught my eye that I had never tried, not heard of, before––coconut pancakes! I ordered them and liked them well enough but I probably would get something different next time.

These were the coconut pancakes I ordered at the Famous Toastery.

Preparing to Move – As the days tick away until the moving company gets here, we are making progress. Sid has spearheaded the actual packing effort while I have taken point on administrative issues such as cancellation of services (in Myrtle Beach), ordering of services (in Washington), and document retrieval. Of course we are helping a lot in each other’s main “area” but two fronts are definitely set up. So far the strategy seems to be working pretty well.

One of our rooms filled with boxes.

Hard Ice Cream – To each their own, but I am not looking for a buzz when I eat ice cream. Recently, while perusing the aisles at a local supermarket, I came across a cooler containing a product called Proof. What differentiates it from other frozen alcohol products is that competitors usually only offer items with 3% alcohol while Proof has figured out how to freeze 80-, 90-, and 100-proof liquor. It doesn’t take the $10 price tag per pint to scare me off, I just am not interested in tequila or rum ice cream.

Alcohol ice cream? No thank you.

Archives – For those who want to play some #ThrowbackThursday, I have written several blog posts on this date. Starting with March 5, 2019, I commemorated the five-year anniversary of my on-campus interview at Coastal Carolina University with this post. On this date two years ago I wrote about a major key to the success of our marriage. Three years ago I wrote about how Sidney nested to prepare for Sloan. Finally, if you want to go waaaay back, check out this post from March, 5, 2013, when I wrote about a “hot” condiment that I was mildly obsessed with.

Read about my on-campus interview at CCU and my Sriracha obession.


Thank you for your continued support of this blog. Let’s hope the rain tapers off just a little bit for the weekend! Don’t Blink.

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