One Last Myrtle Beach Hurrah for Grandma and Aunt Miranda

You must really want to see a certain baby boy if you take a whole day to travel across the country only to spend two days at your destination. Needless to say, nothing was going to stop Beau’s grandma and aunt from seeing him, travel logistics be damned.

My mom and sister in the airport on their way to Myrtle Beach.

A week ago, my mom and sister arrived in Myrtle Beach for a quick and final South Carolina trip. They arrived in the early afternoon and immediately started gushing over Beau while showering Sloan with attention as well. Not to get sentimental, but it was nice to hug two of Beau’s greatest long distance prayer warriors and supporters. That afternoon and evening were spent just holding the baby and playing with Sloan. My mom made us a delicious pasta dinner and we simply lounged around in the living room.

My mom feeding Beau.

Thursday was really special. That morning, Beau was baptized and Sidney was confirmed into the Catholic Church. To have my mom and sister join us at St. Andrew along with Sidney’s family, several of my Knights of Columbus brothers, and other supporters meant a lot.

My mom and sister got to witness Sidney’s confirmation and Beau’s baptism.

Back at the house we opened gifts people had given us in honor of the holy occasion. We ate lunch together and then my mom and sister started to help us pack up our kitchen. Later that night Sidney’s parents came over to watch the kids so Sid, my mom, sister, and I could go out to dinner. We had a really nice time relaxing and laughing. We returned home and did a repeat of the night prior––living room lounging.

The four of us had a really nice time at dinner on Thursday night.

The next morning, my sister and I took Sloan to the Carolina Forest Library and playground. A mother of three, Miranda enjoyed the opportunity to see some of the local educational places I take Sloan to the most. Back at the house we again ate lunch together and did some packing. Sloan and I then joined my mom and sister at Broadway at the Beach so they could shop for souvenirs. Our guests went shop-to-shop while us locals released energy on the playground. That night we ordered Mexican food takeout and watched the most recent episode of “This Is Us.”

My mom and Sloan take a break on a bench at Broadway at the Beach.

After about 60 hours in Myrtle Beach, by Saturday morning my mom and Miranda were on their way to the airport. Although short, they met their objective by seeing Beau and they got to witness a very important event for our family. The visit did a lot of good for Sidney, who really enjoyed talking all things mother-related with my sister. After so many high stress weeks, she appreciated a couple days of relaxed and carefree conversation. When it was time to say goodbye, there was no sadness because we all knew that we would be reunited soon. I look forward to it! Don’t Blink.

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