Fancy-Ish Thursday Rundown

And just like that, the first month of 2020 is almost in the books. How was your January? Mine was great! Let’s get started with my latest Thursday Rundown…

A Delicious and Relaxing Dinner – As I mentioned, Sid and I were able to sneak out on Tuesday evening for an intimate dinner. We went to Rivertown Bistro, a popular restaurant in downtown Conway that Sid describes as “fancy-ish.” We had such a nice time and the food was superb. We split spring rolls for an appetizer and Sid ordered the lobster, shrimp, and scallop au gratin while I opted for the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. Sidney needed an adventure outside of the house and yesterday’s outing was perfect.

Our dinner date at Rivertown Bistro was wonderful!

Cheer – So we binge watched the Netflix documentary “Cheer” over the weekend. Although I once worked closely with cheerleading coaches and even went to cheer camps and national cheer competitions, I didn’t know if it would be my cup of tea. Well, the verdict is in and I enjoyed it! The documentary itself is just so well done and many of the subjects are really interesting. “Cheer” does a masterful job leading up to the climax and even though the filmmakers couldn’t shoot the final routine with their own cameras, they still did a great job capturing it. In fact, it had my wife in tears (she blamed the late stage of her pregnancy for the waterworks). You can’t go wrong watching the first episode and judging from there whether you want to continue.

I thought the “Cheer” documentary was pretty good!

Sloan’s Gift to Her Mama – Recently I mentioned that I sometimes let Sloan go on $3 spending sprees at the Dollar Tree. She has become pretty good at those so I entrusted her with buying birthday presents for Sid. This week I let her go through the store to pick out a handful of presents. Sidney couldn’t help but laugh when she opened up the interesting lineup of gifts: Dum Dums, bath bombs, makeup, Crunch ‘N Munch, a toothbrush, and a solar light stick. Although she found it humorous, she also found it extremely pure and thoughtful of Sloan.

A look at Sloan’s gifts to Sid. Each item was wrapped and placed in a gift bag.

MVP Christmas Gift – Later this year when I declare my hot Christmas gift of 2020, I might have to go with a lunch box. Sidney got me one this past holiday season and it quickly replaced the plastic grocery sacks I used to bring. I think I look a lot more professional when I put/remove my lunch in the breakroom refrigerator, even if I am taking up more space.

This is the lunch box that Sid gave me for Christmas.

What’s Wrong With Hot Dogs? – We are a month into 2020 so I figure it is time to share my first Life’s Little Instruction of the year. This one had me scratching my head. What is so bad about posing for a picture with a hot dog in your hand? I am not arguing about the alcohol component of the instruction because that is Common Sense 101. But hot dogs? Seriously?! To be frank, I must admit that I have violated this norm in a huuuuuge way.

Seriously, what is wrong with aphoto with a HOT DOG?!


That’s a wrap for tonight. If I take any selfies over the weekend I will be sure to make sure I am not holding a hot dog. Don’t Blink.

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