A Birthday at Home

My wife has spent her past three birthdays in dramatically different situations. Two years ago she was taking care of a sick daughter and a sick husband. Last year she was traveling to Columbia for a teacher rally. This year?…

Sidney is currently on doctor-ordered bed rest. Now in the final weeks of her pregnancy, the medical professionals at her OBGYN office thought it was best to shut her down until she gives birth next month. The bed rest, which has been in effect for two weeks now, is doing wonders for Sid. Teaching is a stressful profession and going to the classroom each day wasn’t doing her any favors with her blood pressure.

Happy birthday, Sidney! You deserve to have a wonderful day.

Although the time at home is just what the doctor ordered, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to an eventful birthday. But don’t feel too bad for Sidney, she actually probably wouldn’t have it any other way. The way she sees it, a low key celebration with her family is far from a disappointment.

As we celebrate her birthday today, I am impressed and thankful at how Sidney has managed herself (and that baby inside of her) over the past few months. With a child growing inside her combined with a couple other stressors, she has been an absolute rock. Believe me, she deserves a very nice birthday today. In fact, tonight might even call for the slight bending of rules…

Sidney and Sloan just moments ago. The in-laws have now arrived and will watch Sloan so we can slip out for dinner!

Please don’t tell the doctor, but I might smuggle Sid out of the house for a quick birthday dinner. If anyone has earned it, it is her. Happy birthday, Sid––I love you. Don’t Blink.

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