Valentine’s Day Thursday Rundown

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and I hope it is in your hearts as well. I think I just got hit with an arrow from Cupid so before I pass out let me quickly write tonight’s Thursday Rundown…

Before I begin my Rundown, I just want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to Sidney and Sloan.

The Fry Rankings – This is the best thing to come along since the fry chart. A writer for the Los Angeles Times, Lucas Peterson, ranked French fries from 19 different fast food restaurants. His assessment was thorough, descriptive, and hilarious. It just wasn’t accurate. Some of my readers might call blasphemy on me, but I don’t think there is anything more overrated than McDonald’s French fries. They are just too wimpy and lack flavor. But this dude tried to lend legitimacy to the Mickey D’s fry myth with a #2 ranking. Peterson isn’t a complete wacko though – I actually strongly agree with his #1 ranking (you will have to read the article to find out what it is). However, for the most part, I think I am at odds with him. I can’t believe the savage ranking he gave to Chick-fil-A fries!

A visual look at Lucas Peterson’s rankings.

Crafty Wife – Sloan gave her little classmates some pretty cute Valentines today, thanks to her mommy’s handiwork last night. Sid secured coloring books and crayons for Sloany’s friends and added a “You color my world” paper heart. It was a great day for our daughter as Oxford Children’s Academy once again went out of the way to make a holiday special. The toddlers baked cookies, played games, and ate healthy red foods.

Sid made these Valentines for Sloan’s classmates.

What Were You Thinking? – Stupid viral videos don’t always make the Thursday Rundown but tonight is an exception. This past weekend, a Toronto woman decided it was a good idea to chuck a deck chair from the 45th floor of a building. I mean you really got to watch the video to see the stupidity and obliviousness of it all. If the chair had landed on a person, which was a pretty good possibility considering the building is in a busy part of the city, it would be an automatic game over for the unlucky soul. Thankfully the chair found pavement and the pavement found a mangled mess. Oh yeah, the 19-year-old chair tosser was identified and is now facing multiple charges. What goes through the minds of some people?!

I don’t really understand why you would throw a chair off a balcony.

That Sweet Treat – When I worked in the athletic department at the University of Montana, if there was an evening athletic event on a weekday, I would put in long hours. it wasn’t uncommon that I would report to the office at 8:30 a.m. and then leave campus at around 9:30 p.m. after the game concluded. If it was a Friday night, I would treat myself on the way home. There was a Dairy Queen right by my apartment where I would order Chocolate Xtreme Blizzards with added cookie dough. I would get home, sprawl out on the couch, and savor every single bite. This past Friday I stopped by a Myrtle Beach Dairy Queen by our house and ordered one for old time sake. It was just as good as I remembered it.

This was my chocolate xtreme Blizzard from Friday night. It was so good!

Celebrity Big Brother Reaction – I found myself entertained, and frustrated, with the second season of Celebrity Big Brother. I thought the cast was strong and the drama intriguing. I cheered enthusiastically for Tom Green throughout the season and was disappointed when he was evicted this past Friday. I think he was the perfect contestant; funny and competitive. He made me laugh out loud too many times but never ceased to play hard. I wasn’t a fan of the Anthony Scaramucci twist as it made very little sense (odd to say someone is a cast member and then randomly remove them from the show and say they aren’t). As for the winner? After Tom was evicted I threw my support behind Ricky Williams so when the ex-NFL star took Tamar Braxton to the Final Two, I had a clear favorite. Unfortunately, Tamar won unanimously (9-0).


Class dismissed! Go grab your sweetheart and express your love. I will touch base next week. Don’t Blink.

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