Predictable Eating

When I saw the below tweet on my timeline, I had to respond. Under no circumstances could I let a Twitter follower have any doubt in his mind that it is shameful or weird to eat the same food over a period of consecutive days. Stepping in was imperative.

No, Steve! There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to eating the same thing over consecutive days.

I do more than just support those who eat the same thing day in and day out – I wholeheartedly participate in the practice myself!

My wife describes me as a “creature of habit” and in certain instances I would agree with her. Food is one of these instances. I have actually documented this pretty thoroughly via Don’t Blink. It is well-known that I ate a plain peanut butter sandwich for lunch over the span of many years. I once went several months eating a cheap frozen personal pizza every night. I did something similar with Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

I have other examples not as extreme. Sid made me a huge lasagna for my most recent birthday. I ate it every day for over a week…for lunch and dinner. I can eat Thanksgiving leftovers until it is December. As a bachelor, it wasn’t uncommon for me to buy a whole Costco pizza, bag the slices up, and eat a couple each night, providing me dinner for the whole work week.

Currently? I am on a pasta kick. For the past five weeks, I have eaten buttered noodles every weeknight. I prepare two 1-pound packages of pasta on Sunday and feast on it all the way through Thursday, if not Friday. It works out great because I can eat something I genuinely like while Sidney eats her Keto meals.

I ate another delicious bowl of pasta tonight.

Why would I do this? Out of all the flavorful, soulful food in the world, what would possess me to eat the same bland dishes for days on end?

Convenience? Routine? Lack of creativity?

No, no, no. Believe it or not, I eat this food because I actually like it. Some people get bored eating the same thing over and over; heck, some people can’t even bring themselves to eat day-old leftovers. Not me. I can eat something with the same glee and gratefulness on day #1 as day #20. Call me weird or call me easy to please, but I have no problem eating pizza for five straight months, let alone just five straight days.

Jury is out on how long I will continue my carb-loading sessions at dinner. All I know is that my pasta was once again delicious tonight. When it comes to what someone shoves into their mouth, whether it be a different exotic dish each meal or the same microwavable dinner every evening, to each his own. Don’t Blink

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