Thursday Rundown Before Sid’s Birthday

Okay, I prepared you for it last evening and tonight we can officially start the 10 day countdown until the most highly anticipated “This Is Us” episode in its history. But while you must wait until Feb. 4 to watch the show, you don’t have to wait at all for my latest Thursday Rundown. Here we go…

What Do You Call Mixed Soda – Let’s start this countdown with a debate! Growing up, I would always get really excited if my parents let us drink soda at a fast food restaurant. My excitement would then skyrocket even more if the joint happened to have a “serve yourself” soda fountain. I would go down the line of flavors, filling my cup up with a little bit of them all. When my mom asked me what pop (because that is what we called it) I chose, I would respond with “graveyard.” My wife, on the other hand, calls that recipe “suicide.” What do you call it? Please let me know because I am genuinely interested.

Last night, I asked my followers what they call a mixture made up of various soda flavors.

The Godfather – I am a big fan of the gangster/mafia films of the 1990s (think “Goodfellas’ and “Casino”). However, somehow I managed to live three decades without ever seeing not just the best Italian mob movie ever made but perhaps the best movie ever made period. Over the course of three nights, I watched “The Godfather” on our bedroom TV. Although probably not the best movie to fall asleep to, I don’t remember having any dreams where I was strangled from behind. In all seriousness, this 1972 classic was great and I am thankful that Netflix has both sequels available so I can soon watch those as well.

A Subway Deal – As a major Subway fan, I am sympathetic to the fact that the chain is going through rough times. In a way to change the negative narrative floating around, Subway started offering $4.99 footlong sandwiches this month. That is a whole penny less than the $5 footlong promotion that Subway was able to offer for so long before raising prices. Of course the deal is only good on a select number of sandwiches but lucky for me my two favorites, the cold cut combo and spicy Italian, are both part of it.

This is me last Friday night holding half of my Spicy Italian Subway sandwich that was just $4.99.

Sloan at 45 Weeks – Oh my gosh, Sloan has lived for 86.5% of a year! The best part of the week came this morning when she looked right at me and said “DA-DA.” Sloan can now say the titles of both her parents because If you read last week’s update, you know she said “MA-MA” clear as day to Sidney. The people at daycare say she is assertive and knows what she wants. We are still struggling to get her to give more attention to her actual toys than her preferred “toys” of cords, paper, remote controls, and her hairbrush. After a couple weeks of rough nights, Sloan is back to going down easily when it is time for bed and then sleeping through the night.

Comedy and Music – On January 25, 2010, I went with my friends to watch comedian Gabriel Iglesias perform. He was funny but his act was almost the exact same as his televised special that was circulating on Comedy Central at the time. To this day, it is the only comedy act I have ever bought a ticket to. On January 25, 2013, I attended a Rascal Flatts concert. The Band Perry was the opening act. It was a show that I wasn’t blown away by but I also wasn’t disappointed by it either.

This date also happens to be popular one for my blog. A year ago, I wrote about my AWFUL fashion sense. Two years ago, I gave my best tip on how to enjoy a televised sporting event. Three years ago, I recapped my first ever trip to Charlotte as we went to the Queen City for Sid’s birthday. Read what you want!

Both these photos are awful but I did take them personally at both events. Gabriel Iglesias performed at The Wilma in Missoula, Mt. and Rascal Flatts performed at the Adams Center in Missoula.


Happy early birthday to Sidney! We will celebrate her special day this Sunday. I am sure she would appreciate any birthday wishes you care to give her. Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t Blink.

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