My Fashion Sense

When it comes to the image of ourselves, we all have our own individual traits that we value more than others. For me, I try to maintain a solid online image while also doing my best to maintain my physical body image. However, when it comes to my fashion image, I definitely don’t stay up late stressing over it.

Wardrobe wise, I am one of the most vanilla people there is. This goes for both on the streets and in the workplace.

But let’s start with the workplace so I can save what I wear when I am not in the office for last. My job allows me to wear collared shirts and slacks which is just fine with me. Over the past couple years, I have built a section in my closet that is entirely Coastal Carolina University polos. Because I live in a climate that is warm 12 months out of the year, this rack in my closest is always in use. Most of my CCU polos are dri-fit, and by now, they are also worn in. I get to go to work each day rocking my employer while also feeling comfortable.

A look at my wide range of teal (and other colors) #CCU polos.

I have 3-4 pairs of khakis in circulation that I pair with my desired polo of the day. While I don’t buy Jim Harbaugh $5 khakis from Walmart, I don’t buy super expensive ones either. Well, to be honest, I actually don’t buy them at all. Most of my khakis were picked out and bought for me by my wife or sent to me as a Christmas/birthday gift from my mom.

Some of my fellow male co-workers dress really nice and do a wonderful job at assembling matching outfits. Some wear suits. However, I like to reason that since I am running around so much, I can get away with showing up each day in a lovely polo.

Wearing a polo is almost a daily occurrence for me.

When it comes to the weekends at home, you can find me in my signature outfit: a thermal and jeans.

I love my thermals.

I have made an effort to clean out American Eagle and Old Navy of every thermal they have produced. Ah yes, that brings me to a point of contention. Sidney gets on me for shopping at the two places I just mentioned, saying I am much too old to even set foot in one of the stores, let alone buying something. But I can’t turn my back on American Eagle and Old Navy because both places produce super comfortable and inexpensive clothes. Also, I should point out that Sidney recently lost all her leverage against me when she helped her mom pick out a pair of jeans from American Eagle for her DAD.

I need a couple shots to show how many thermals I have in my closet.

Speaking of jeans, if I am not at work I am wearing them. Even during the Carolina summers, I wear jeans just as much as I do shorts…but never jean shorts (I said I don’t stress out over my wardrobe…NOT that I willingly commit the biggest fashion faux pas ever). Once again, I rely on the women in my life to purchase my pants. I will wear the jeans they give me into oblivion.

Thermals work great for a few months in South Carolina. They serve as your lounging wear inside and as your coat outside. But when it gets really hot, I obviously ditch the thermals and turn to more dri-fit gear. Regular t-shirts and casual polos in dri-fit material is what I can be found in April through November. For me, the comfort and lack of effort needed to pull off a wardrobe of this caliber always wins out.

As you can see, I don’t put much stock in making fashion statements. I don’t stand out, I don’t match, I don’t wear leather, I don’t dress like a GQ model. I just strive for comfort. Luckily, someone decided they wanted to marry me. Don’t Blink.

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