Thursday Rundown Version 8.0

Good evening my friends! I hope everyone has enjoyed a nice week thus far. It is time for the weekly tradition I like to call the Thursday Rundown…

Crazy Soda – I am such a kid! The other day at the grocery store I was walking down the soda aisle and a bright blue liquid caught the corner of my eye. I turned my head and I discovered Berry Fanta. You bet I bought a bottle! I tried a couple sips last night and I must say it wasn’t bad. It has a smooth raspberry taste that I am sure my nephew would love.

Holding my Berry Fanta.

Split – This past weekend I went to the theater by myself to watch the Sunday matinee showing of “Split.” The film is about a guy with 23 different personalities who kidnaps three teenage girls. The first half of the movie was decent as I enjoyed the psychological themes and the acting of James McAvoy. However, the second half of the movie was so unbelievable and such a departure from the first that I left the theater with a negative impression.

I went and saw “Split” last weekend.

I Need This – I was recently watching Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show and I just about salivated the whole time as she cooked entirely with peanut butter! She made several delicious dishes but the one that really caught my eye was peanut butter pasta. How amazing does that sound?! Not only does it include peanut butter and pasta (two of my favorite things ever) but the recipe also calls for other things I like such as spices, soy sauce, and chicken. After Sidney gives birth, I am going to ask her to make it for me.

A look at Trisha Yearwood’s peanut butter pasta.

Too Early? – Quick question for all of you: Is it too early for Cadbury eggs to be on the shevles? At Food Lion this past weekend, I encountered the below boxes of the popular Easter treat. I love Easter and I love Cadbury eggs, but it is January and Easter doesn’t fall until April this year. We still have two full calendar months to go. This is analogous to stores putting out HALLOWEEN candy in JULY. Perhaps I am overreacting.

Is it just me or is it too early for this?

Getting Practice – On Saturday, Sidney and I went and visited a couple friends who just had a beautiful baby girl. Sid went to college with Leslie and they have remained tight since then. Leslie and her husband Brooks welcomed Stevie Blair into the world on January 8. It was so nice to meet and hold Stevie while also talking to Leslie and Brooks about their experience (they went to the same doctors as us and gave birth in the same hospital we will be in). Sid and I were both thankful to the Causeys for hosting us during such a busy and exciting time for them.

Sid and I with Stevie Blair.


That will wrap this Thursday Rundown up! I am ecstatic to celebrate my wife’s birthday this weekend and I hope all of you have exciting things ahead as well. Don’t Blink.

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