Making a Holiday Out of the Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

Over the years, my blog has become synonymous with a stupid idea factory. Well, I have another one tonight.

This time of year, we just don’t celebrate Thanksgiving anymore. As I have documented, Thanksgiving Eve is practically a holiday itself. Then, after Turkey Day you have Black Friday. Once that chaos is over we enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend, a time of football, drinks, and leftovers. A new week might start but the special occasions continue as people scramble to their computers for Cyber Monday. Finally, in a way to atone for our gluttony from the past week, some of us try to make nice by participating in Giving Tuesday.

My question is this: Heck, why don’t we just make this string of days in late November run from Tuesday through Tuesday? It only makes sense, right?

Of course that leads us to an even better question: What would we celebrate on Thanksgiving Eve Eve (aka the Tuesday before Giving Tuesday)?

Does anyone have any good ideas? No one? Okay! Well I do. Let me pitch five brief options.

Taco Tuesday – Take the most cliché, obvious promotion every single bar in America participates in and make it an actual national day (not one of those cheesy, gimmicky national days…today is National Stuffing Day by the way). This would be the Taco Tuesday of all Taco Tuesdays. Everyone in the country would go wild scarfing down tacos and bars would be able to count on two incredible days of business in a row. Levels of creativity pertaining to how to prepare a taco would go through the roof!

The Day of Apology – This is a serious, wholesome idea I have. Perhaps the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week should be The Day of Apology. With the major holidays about to take place over the next several weeks, how nice would it be to celebrate them with friends and family with whom you have a clean slate with? Some people hate the holidays because there is so much anger and animosity brewing. On this day, everyone would be challenged to either call, text, or visit someone they have a strained relationship with. Although taking part in this day wouldn’t cost you a dime, it might be the most priceless gift you could give yourself and others during the holiday season.

Pre-Thanksgiving Movie Day – Part of the reason why we get so excited for Christmas is because there are a million different movies related to the holiday that start playing immediately after Halloween. Using the same formula of using cinema to pump us up for Christmas, we would do the same thing for Thanksgiving. On the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, networks would play only Thanksgiving-themed movies and movie theaters would offer free screenings of Turkey Day films. This would put people in more of a Thanksgiving mood and generate a healthy buildup to Thanksgiving. This would also place a premium on filmmakers to create movies that actually center on Thanksgiving (because, to be honest, I really don’t think there are that many).

Dress As a Turkey/Pilgrim Day – Most of us work or go to school on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. What better way to boost office morale than to dress up in Thanksgiving-inspired garb? This would get people excited for Thanksgiving while at the same time letting people get creative. Not to mention it would be a hit on Instagram! It would be just like Halloween…but not really.

Americana History Day – If you want to know the trends, culture, and attitude of America in a given time period, all you have to do is watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade during that particular year. Each year the parade is a slice of red, white, and blue contemporary pop culture. During each Americana History Day, a different year would be designated (i.e. 1972). So, if next year we celebrate it for the first time, all schools across the nation would be required to show the 1972 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in class. A discussion would follow. Workplaces would be encouraged to show it during lunch. NBC would show the ’72 parade during primetime and MSNBC and CNBC would show it non-stop on repeat throughout the entire day. Americana History Day would not only teach us a lot but it would garner more viewers for the newest edition of the parade on Thursday.


What do you think? My personal favorite is The Day of Apology. Although today is not a holiday yet, if your favorite blogger has anything to do with it, that might change in the future. Don’t Blink.

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