Happy Thanksgiving

As we have now reached Thanksgiving Eve, let me wish everyone a very merry Thanksgiving holiday. Take this time to recharge, eat good food, and catch up with family.

Make sure to enjoy tomorrow (as I clearly am doing above), but also remember to be thankful.

Ah yes, try to be thankful too.

Although Christmas and Easter are the holidays we should always remember/practice the true reasons for why we are celebrating them, it is also important not to fall victim to a food coma and completely forget about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Here is a hint…the reason can be found in the first six letters of the holiday.

But it is easier said than done. Just in the same way that I struggle with giving God the full reverence that he deserves on the two big holidays, I also don’t always devote enough time to truly reflect on what I am thankful for on Thanksgiving. Beause let’s be honest, a social media post quickly listing the things I am happy about doesn’t necessarily cut it.

So on this Thanksgiving, I challenge myself and my readers to truly embrace what we are grateful for. Let’s try to make sure our gratitude extends throughout the entire day and is shown not just in words but actions too. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, everyone! Don’t Blink.

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