Taco Tuesday

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram on a Tuesday and it was almost comical. During one stretch, I must have encountered back-to-back-to-back-to-back Taco Tuesday posts…yes, I follow a lot of local restaurants. The mania for the taco special was so intense that I had to tweet about it.


Not that I didn’t know about this “trend” before my feed was flooded by it. Taco Tuesday is a tradition that is beloved by restaurants and customers alike. Although I once referred to it in jest as “cliché,” I do appreciate that it is something embraced by many. Are you surprised? Bars can capitalize on a popular promotion that costs them a minimal amount but packs their establishments. For customers, it is one of the best excuses to drink beer on a weekday.

Sidney eating a taco.

I have been aware of Taco Tuesday for almost 20 years (really dating myself here). When I was a freshman in high school, our football program partnered with the local Zips on a Taco Tuesday bargain. After practice on that special day of the week, a lot of hungry high school football players would pay $7 for all-you-can-eat tacos and tater tots. For those who live in the Inland Northwest and are well aware of what a Zips is—an extremely popular BURGER drive-in restaurant—you are probably scratching your head wondering how such an highly esteemed business could jump so far off brand.

Well, it was possible because Taco Tuesday is such a major piece of Americana that even Krispy Kreme could probably get away with offering its own version. People want tacos on Tuesdays and are willing to travel to places that give them what they want, even if these restaurants and taverns would otherwise have absolutely no business adding tacos to their menus.

Every Tuesday, my Instagram feed is inundated with Taco Tuesday plugs from local restaurants that I follow.

Although Taco Tuesday has been on my radar for nearly two decades, I have seen it really explode in the past five years, evidenced in part by my Instagram feed. In fact, it has done more than just infiltrate every corner bar in the country—it has entered the home.

A couple tacos prepared at our family Taco Tuesday last night.

As the World’s Most Interesting Man might say of our family, we don’t eat tacos every week, but when we do, we prefer to do it on Tuesdays. If we do have a taco night, we do make an effort to stage it on a Tuesday evening. Take last night for example. To celebrate it not being Monday anymore, we had our own Reser Family Taco Tuesday. It was delicious.

Sloan enjoying our Taco Tuesday last night.

Whether in your home or local watering hole, keep Taco Tuesdaying it up! As something that benefits and satisfies pretty much everybody involved, I approve (and happily participate). Don’t Blink.

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