Mom and Brother Visiting for Sloan’s Baptism

Because it only happens 2-3 times a year, I get really excited when I have the chance to see my family. In fact, the happiness I feel on the eve of these reunions usually causes me to write. Tonight is no different.

Tomorrow afternoon, my mom and brother will arrive in Myrtle Beach. They will stay with us through the weekend before departing on Monday morning. They are coming for a significant event: Sloan’s baptism.

This Sunday, my brother and mom will be in this very church they are standing in for Sloan’s baptism.

On Sunday, Sloan will be baptized at St. Andrew Catholic Church, the same sacred place where Sidney and I said “I do” a little over a year ago. Since the day Sloan entered the world, I have looked forward to her receiving the sacrament of baptism. As evidenced by the way she behaves in church, she has too!

My brother served as my best man at my wedding and he will begin his Godfather duties at Sloan’s baptism. Glen will be an excellent faith mentor to Sloan and I am humbled that he has agreed to travel so far to attend the ceremony. Stephanie, Sidney’s sister, will make the perfect Godmother.

Sloan is ready to be baptized on Sunday!

While the baptism is the main event of the weekend, I am just pleased to have my brother and mom around for a few days. This will be Uncle Glen’s first time ever meeting Sloan. He has told my mom that because it is his initial visit with his new niece, he should have the right to hold her first.

I don’t know if my mom likes that idea.

Whether or not my mom holds Sloan first or second, one thing is for sure: My daughter is happy to see her grandma! When my mom came to visit us in April, she did so much for Sloan (and for Sidney and I). I know our little girl has remembered those several days and has been anticipating grandma’s return.

As always, I love it when my family from the west can be with my family from the south. It is going to be a memorable weekend and I can’t wait for the many blessings that are on the horizon. Don’t Blink.

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