Valuing Sloan’s Grandparents

Earlier this morning my parents said goodbye to Sloan and started their trek back out west. I believe as I write this, they are on a layover in Colorado.

Can’t thank my parents enough for all they did for Sloan over the past several days.

This blog or words themselves won’t do justice to the gratitude I have toward my mom and dad for all they did for us over the past six days so I won’t even try. All I will say is this: they are incredible and selfless grandparents who helped us out incredibly during their time here. The many things they did and the extent they went to do them will not soon be forgotten.

My mom’s eyes express nothing short of true love. She grew very attached to Sloan.

Speaking of awesome grandparents, Sloan has her Gammy and Dada (Sidney’s parents) as well. Over the past week, it was nice to have our daughter’s “western” and “southern” grandparents in the same place. During my parents’ trip, there was ample opportunity for the two couples to interact.

When I saw them together, I couldn’t help but think the vitally important role each grandparent played in the creation of Sloan. If it wasn’t for my mom or if it wasn’t for Sidney’s dad, the light of our world wouldn’t exist. If it wasn’t for Sidney’s mom or for my dad, that special baby girl with the calm demeanor and sweetest little smile would not be around to make Sid and I the luckiest parents ever. It became plainly obvious to me that our parents played just as much of a role in creating Sloan as we did.

But genetic truth aside, as I already mentioned, it was just nice to see our parental units together. There are six people who love Sloan more than anyone else…Sidney, myself, grandma, papa, gammy, and dada. Even though she is only a 6-week-old, I know she could feel the love as she laid surrounded by “the special six.”

Sloan enjoyed meeting her papa.

Mom and dad, thank you SO much for everything. We are so glad you got to meet Sloan and so thankful you had such an impact on her. We love you. Don’t Blink.

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  1. I am so glad to see Mary Kay’s family. I have known her for many years and worked with her at her parents restaurant and have always adored her. God bless you all

    • Hi Georgia – Thanks for the comment. My mom is an incredible person for sure. It was such a joy watching her be such an incredible grandmother to my daughter.

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