Parents Coming to Myrtle Beach to Meet Their Granddaughter

Tomorrow, something Sloan has eagerly anticipated her whole life (which is one month) will become reality. At around 11 a.m. on Wednesday, she will meet her West Coast grandparents. Sloan isn’t the only one excited.

My parents will embark on a typical Washington state to South Carolina airline itinerary starting tonight. Hopping on a place this evening at around 8 p.m., they will crisscross the country via different connections before landing in Myrtle Beach around 10:23 a.m. tomorrow. Any symptoms of jet lag will most likely be erased once they hold Sloan for the first time.

My parents will arrive in Myrtle Beach tomorrow.

I have never seen my mom so excited for a trip. Since Sloan was born, she has sent daily text messages expressing how she can’t wait to finally come face to face with her granddaughter. Observing how my dad’s eyes water up the second he sees Sloan on FaceTime, I am going to guess he is looking forward to his time in Myrtle Beach as well.

My parents booked their travel with the original April 7 due date in mind. Of course by now most of you know that Sloan came three weeks early. My mom and dad were able to contain their pure joy and exuberance by not adjusting their original travel plans. As it turns out, their discipline will pay off. Sidney’s mom had to sadly return to work today, ending a selfless run where she helped out so much around the house and with Sloan. But her return to her position comes just one day before my parents arrival. That means Sidney, the baby, and myself won’t be without assistance, homemade meals, and solid parental experience for long.

Giving us strict instructions not to worry about entertaining them or feeding them, my mom is making it clear that she doesn’t want us to feel any pressure with their arrival. Rather, just like my mother-in-law, she wants to do anything she can to lessen the load on us. We will be lucky to have them with us through next Tuesday.

Prayers for my parents that they may have safe travels through tonight and tomorrow. I am so excited to show them what Sidney and I created! Don’t Blink.

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