My Favorite Unconventional Pizza Toppings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. In the days leading up to yesterday’s holiday, I heard on the radio about a seasonal food dish that was making national news. A pizza place in Boston was offering a Peepza, or, in other words, a pizza topped with melted Peeps. This does not meet the classification of a dessert pizza because it has a base of tomato sauce and is topped with mozzarella cheese, making it fit more in line with the requirements of a traditional pizza. It didn’t appeal to me.

However, just because I wouldn’t go for a slice of Peepza does not mean I won’t eat pizza that has other toppings that some people might find unconventional. If you are thinking I am talking about anchovies you are crazy but there are other adventurous options that I sometimes opt for. Let me list five…

Pineapple – I get so tired of the “I don’t want fruit on my pizza” B.S. In my opinion, pineapple is as much a pizza topping as pepperoni. I mean come on, Canadian bacon and pineapple is one of the most popular pizza combinations. But people still get really sketched out about it. I grew up eating plain pineapple pizza (sans Canadian bacon) so I embraced the topping early. When I was between the ages of 7-13, my favorite pizza combo was sausage and pineapple. Yep, the person taking the order would always have to confirm that. Again though, pineapple can stand alone on a pizza just fine and I see nothing wrong with it.

Mac & Cheese – If you ever visit CiCi’s Pizza, a national all-you-can-eat pizza chain, this option is always out on the buffet. Sure, noodles do look a little funny on pizza but how can you go wrong combining two of the best foods out there? Although the mac and cheese pizza might be targeted more for a younger audience, I have no shame. In my opinion, it is delicious.

Fritos – I have written about the infamous Papa John’s Fritos chili pizza before but for obvious reasons I must bring it up for this blog post. As long as you eat a pizza topped with Fritos right after it comes out of the oven it is very tasty. Put it in the refrigerator or eat it the next day and you will be in trouble, but a pie topped with fresh Fritos won’t leave you disappointed. The crunch seems natural enough and it provides a unique taste.

Me holding the Fritos Chili Pizza from Papa John’s.

Peanuts – Maybe out of all the toppings on this list, I like nothing more than chopped peanuts on my pizza. Popular on Thai style pies, there is no better nut to put on your pizza. You do get the crunch just like you do with the Fritos but I think peanuts pack a flavor that tastes a little exotic, especially if it is paired with the right sauce. But when it all comes down to it, sauce be damned, I will happily take chopped peanuts on a traditional red sauce pizza.

Corn – When you think of vegetables on your pizza, your mind probably conjures up peppers, tomatoes, and onions…not corn. However, thanks to the artisan build-your-own personal pizza craze, the options for other vegetable toppings has opened up. To me, corn is just a good fit on pizza. Each kernel is small and easily rests on the surface, it adds some color to the presentation, and it provides good texture. When I visit MOD Pizza, I am getting a healthy dose of corn each time.


So although I really enjoy the five above toppings, I have never had a pineapple-mac & cheese-Fritos-peanuts-corn pizza before. Whipping that up would be quite a blog post, don’t you agree? Oh, man. Do you have any eclectic pizza topping choices? Let me know. Don’t Blink.

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