Understanding The Easter Gift

Today is a holiday that is very special to me. You see, I enjoy Easter just as much as I do Christmas. And, just like Christmas, today’s holiday can sometimes get lost in the commercialism and political correctness of our society. We try our best not to fall into this trap because Easter comes after the Lenten season and at the end of Holy Week, important periods on the religious calendar that help us prepare for today’s important feast. However, I would be dishonest if I said chocolate eggs, pastel colors, and fresh ham don’t occasionally cloud my focus.

But I am doing my best today to remember and celebrate what this holiday is about, primarily that our faith is not baseless. Today Jesus Christ rose from the dead and gave justification and hope to the billions of people on this planet. The Resurrection is about faith, love, and redemption; it is also about new life.

The newness of life brought into our family recently helped me to understand the newness of life that we celebrate today on Easter.

As you can imagine, the “new life” part of the equation especially resonates with me this year. When Jesus rose from the tomb, he gave us all the chance to start new, both in this life and in the next.

It is just like when a baby is born. There is nothing more innocent nor special than a newborn. A whole life awaits them, full of opportunities and possibilities. You can’t “start new” much more than that. They say that becoming a parent increases your faith in God and I can now attest to that. When I look at Sloan I can see that pureness, I can see that innocence, I can see that vulnerability that makes her so perfect and redeemable.

Happy Easter! Sloan didn’t even need to wear the bunny outfit to teach me more about this special holiday.

These beautiful characteristics of Sloan paint a clearer picture for me of what new life looks like not just from the obvious standpoint of a brand new baby but from the bigger vantage point of what all of us aspire to. Because God raised his Son from the dead, we ourselves become more pure and innocent, just like a newborn.

It is amazing the secrets that become available inside your heart once you have a baby. Sloan has helped me to understand and love Easter even more. Don’t Blink.

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